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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another Etsy Fave: Chibi Pokemon Phone Case

In the off-chance you're not all out playing Pokemon Go, why not keep the theme going by having a nosey at my new phone case?

pokemon phone case

Back in June, the lovely Sarah over at Raiin Monkey shared this post about this beauty and I fell in love, however, being the sensible spender that I am, I decided that I'd spent ENOUGH on luxuries that month and started hinting heavily to my boyfriend how much this phone case would improve my quality of life and basically just make everything in the world 100% better. 

Not that I'm dramatic.

Anyway, long story short, I bought it for myself cause ~if you're gonna brag make sure it's your money you flaunt, depend on no-one else to give you what you want~ (bonus points if you know the song).

You can find this phone case over on Etsy by a store called BluePotionUK, available for various different iPhones, Samsungs and even a Sony model, for £20.99. Now, I hear ya. At first I was like hmmm, dunno about spending twenty pounds on a phone case - I'm usually a cheap and cheerful eBay girl when it comes to phone cases - but yeah, you get what you pay for. 

The phone case is even cuter in real life and it's a lil' high quality bad boy. The colours are bright and there's no fading in the print at all. I feel like I want to show you all in real life because my pictures don't do it justice. I've shown everyone at work so you know, I got the time if you got the time. 

I mean LOOK AT IT.

pokemon phone case

>>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->

I find it really surprising when some companies still refuse to jump on the blogger bandwagon for advertising purposes, I swear most of the money I spend is all thanks to you guys and the goodies you find and share on your blog. 

How are you all getting on with Pokemon Go?
I haven't downloaded it yet. Sometimes I get excited about things to the point where I don't let myself get involved just in case it's a let down. I know, self sabotage at it's finest right?


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Friday, 8 July 2016

10 Bullet Journal Prompts

What's a Bullet Journal I hear you say? Lol jokes. Thought I'd round up a few ideas for those of you who want to start one or are just looking for a little inspiration.
bullet journal ideas prompts moany mouse

1. Food diary. Especially good if you are looking for particular trends like triggers for migraines or mental health dips. 

2. Self care reminders. Gotta look after number one. And whilst we're on the subject, I'd definitely recommend that you check out this 30 Day Self Care Challenge by Tara @ Cattitude & Co - one of my favourite blog posts of late.

3.  Keep in touch reminders. Sometimes I get so occupied trying to keep my head above water that I forget to check in with my friends - not good!

4. Water intake tracker. Glug glug. 

5. Money spending manager. Track your budget for lunches, transport, treats etc.

6. Your daily/weekly/monthly achievements. 

7. Vitamin and medication check. You can tie this in with your daily planner. 

8. Reading goals tracker. I read a lot in the winter (bath season) but don't do so well in the warmer months! 

9. Time of the month tracker. I have an app on my phone but it's good to have a note in my daily planner too. Also good to expand and keep a note of symptoms, cramp triggers etc.

10. Data usage tracker. We all love scrolling through Tumblr but not when it costs five grand a page.

>>>---------------------->    >>>---------------------->    >>>---------------------->

How are you all getting on with your bullet journals?
I'd love to have a peek, or for you to share some of your ideas with me!
Feel free to leave a link to any of your bullet journal posts in the comments.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

52 Week Saving Challenge Update - Week 27

WELL I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I totally didn't pay this any attention last month. Thanks to a dip in how I was feeling, I was more interested in lying down and forgetting about things that weren't my 2DS or my cats. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Guest Post by Zara Lewis

9 Lifestyle Decisions that Will Make You Happy 

Image source: Flickr 

Set clear goals 
As soon as the choice is made, setting clear goals is the next step. Decide on what your top priorities are, and stick to them fiercely. Make sure that all the goals you set are realistic, attainable, and specific, and always trust your intuition when it comes to achieving them.  

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Picture Wall (on a budget and suitable for renters!)

Black and white home decor

If we are Snapchat friends you may have noticed that I finally completed my new picture wall! And by me, I mean me and my boyfriend because I have zero DIY skills and am more of a hindrance when it comes to being handy. Picture Rachel Green when she is pretending to help carry furniture into Phoebe's apartment. 

I also accidentally fell over and bought a new lamp from IKEA, so you might notice that in the after pictures too. 

Black and white home decor

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Aloha lovelies. You all know that when it comes to beauty, I'm very much a novice. So much so, that if I won the lottery, one of the first things I'd do is hire a lil personal stylist crew to sort out my hair and face on a daily basis because girl needs all the help she can get.

With this in mind, I decided to try out semi-permanent eyelash extensions. My natural lashes are blonder than the sun and therefore invisible against my pale skin so I thought extensions would help give my eyes some definition as well as save me some time in the mornings by not having to put mascara on. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Updating My Home - A Wish List

I don't know if you've noticed but when it comes to my home decor I have a little ol' black and white theme going on. (Click here to have a peek at my previous home posts).

In the spirit of Bank Holiday weekends I have come up with a wish list for us all to spend our money on because, you know, it's the done thing on BH weekends. In order to try and salvage some of your pennies, the items on this list are via Love the Sales and have cheeky discounts to boot. You are welcome.

£35 (was £50)