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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Introducing Cats: Cat Owners, I Need Your Help!

I got another cat. You may recall. I didn't actually seek out another cat, my boyfriend's sister has moved abroad and I'm too soft to say no. 

Why would I say no?! Well, I already have two cats and I was convinced that they wouldn't get along. Turns out I was right. So I'm here to ask for any help/advice/tips that you might be able to share with me. 

Before we get started and I fill you in with the details, let me introduce you to my three ANGELS. 

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Introducing cats

Cleo, male, 9. 
He really likes being noisy, bed time and chasing me around the house, which is terrifying because he's so huge. He's more like a border collie than a cat. 
Cleo really doesn't like closed doors. 
We adopted him from the Cats Protection after seeing his little advert - it said he was grumpy, nervous and had stomach problems and tbh wasn't really selling him so I got all paranoid that no one would want him and I had to have him. 
Turns out, he just needed some fussing. A bit like myself. What.

Introducing cats
Luna, female, 3. 
She likes licking like a puppy, clawing my sleeping face for attention and throwing herself on her back when I get home from work.
She hates iPhone chargers. In fact, it is her life mission to destroy every last one of them. 
We got Luna from my uncle after his cat had kittens, which is kinda cute because they know how she's getting on. 
She's the first lady cat I've ever owned and I am besotted.

Introducing cats

Rory, female, around 3-ish, we think.
Rory is our little newbie and she is hilarious. She likes standing up tall & sticking her claws into my thigh when she thinks I've forgotten she's there. She also likes screaming when I open the fridge.
She doesn't like Cleo and Luna. 
When we were faced with the option of taking her in I almost said no but the other option was that she was going off to a relative's that doesn't have a very good track record with animals. 
You woulda said yes in that situation too, right?

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I want to do everything possible to make sure that this is Rory's final forever home. I think we are now the third or fourth home she's had and it would break my heart for her to go through the stress of moving again. 

What we've tried 

(from research & advice from our vet)

Scent swapping & mixing: using blankets/toys/carriers/swapping rooms. This is the first thing we did.
Meal time meetings: opposite sides of the door but gradually getting closer. Then through a glass door so they can see each other. Then in the same space but far away from each other. This all happened over the space of a few weeks however we're back at the start now as we had a little hissy fit.
Site swapping
Positive reinforcement (gonna have to remortgage to keep us in Dreamies)
Feliway sprays and diffusers
Play distraction

Our findings

Rory is terrified of Cleo however Cleo couldn't care less that she exists. Luna is terrified of Rory and can make all sorts of snorting noises I didn't know she was capable of. 

Rory is a total chaser, so as soon as one of the other two tries to walk away it turns into The Fast and The Furious. She also thinks nothing of jumping down the stairs through the banister to try land on top of Luna. She honestly looked like Batman. 

Luna and Rory both want to hang out with me at all times because I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom but this can't happen because I have to keep them apart just now. 

We've had Rory now for two months and keep having to take everything right back to the start but I'm not willing to give up without feeling like I've done my best for them. 

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Do you have any advice for me?
I've been told a couple of "old school" things to do such as "put them together and let them work it out" kinda thing but NO THANK YOU. Pretty much everything I've read and every video I've watched advises against that (thank you Jackson Galaxy for keeping me right). 


Friday, 12 August 2016

Doing Things For Me

So my head has been a little messy recently. "What's new?" I hear you say...let me tell you! I decided to put me first. Invest in some me-time...prioritise me-time, in fact. How am I supposed to be the best me if I don't invest any time in me?

Have I said "me" enough?

Here's what I've been doing for...myself recently.

putting yourself first

Getting outside

I am not outdoorsy at all. I am the jumpiest person alive and spend half my time outside darting back and forward because I think I have a bug on me (and usually I do, they are such creeps for me). However, it's worth it in all it's embarrassing entirety for the benefits of getting fresh air and a little exercise. 

I especially love walking by the water. Or by PokeStops. 

Katie Ryan is my spirit animal. 


I'm a sporadic reader. I tend to read non-stop during bath season (yoohoo autumn/winter, I see you!) and then have a big ol' break during the warmer months. Craving a distraction, I ordered myself a couple of books I'd had my eye on for a while: Calm: calm the mind. Change the world. & milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. By boyfriend also kindly ordered me the 100 Day Happiness Planner after I read this post by Kate La Vie so I'll be making time for this too.

Calm has opened my mind to...erm...mindfulness and is a book I'll reach back for often to help with my wellbeing and stress levels. 

milk and honey gave me the good feels about my body, and the women around me. 

I contacted a friend and made plans

I am the king of staying at home in my own little safe-bubble and phasing out having a social life, so I reached out to my oldest friend and made dinner plans. Then I kept them. Then I made further plans to have a day out at Edinburgh festival, and kept those plans too. 

Making the effort made me feel a whole lot better.

Thinking about my priorities

Being aware of what makes me feel rubbish and the impact or change I can make to it (where possible).

Now I'm not claiming to have worked wonders here. I'd love to be able to quit my job and travel the world to make me feel wonderful alas I have a mortgage to pay and responsibilities I can't just abandon. 

There are smaller things I have been able to do though that have had a positive impact. Saying no to situations that would make me uncomfortable, distancing myself from people who have a negative impact.

At one point I found myself caring too much about what people at work thought about me, so I had a word with myself. What impact do these people actually have on my life?! Sweet F.A. I get to come home to my home that I love & my family that love me. I work to live yo.

Listening to music

This is something that can boost my mood immediately so I've been trying to get into the habit of switching on when possible. This might sound weird but for a little while I'd given up on music, not because I'm getting pure old and dad-ish "oh they don't make it like they used to", but because my taste in music is varied and I couldn't pull a decent playlist together to save myself. 

Then I got a digital radio. Hello KISSTORY. Hello random stations I've never heard of that play Fall Out Boy and other such bands from my teenage years. It's amazing how quickly you can go from thinking about having to do the stinkin' dishes again to wearing heavy black eyeshadow and liner, GLORY boob tubes and parting your hair so far to the side that your face is weighed down and your neck hurts. Alright so that didn't happen. But it was a close call. 

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What do you do to give yourself a little reset and put yourself first?

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

TOTM - "Be Kinder to your Vagina"

My period has never been nice to me. PMS, severe cramps, heavy bleeding, being sick, passing out are just a few of the digs that ol mother nature has thrown at me. Since my early teens I have fought tirelessly to try and get my monthly's to a manageable place and eventually at the age of 21 I contacted a gynaecologist for help, rather than a health centre GP. Finally after all those years I was able to get some help and started to see a difference in how I was feeling on a monthly basis. 

Jump forward to now at the ripe old age of 27 (lol) I'm in a place where the majority of my symptoms have gone, and my cramps are manageable - however the one thing that I still have a bit of a struggle with is the heaviness. 

Just after my last period, TOTM kindly sent me a product to try out and for the first time ever I was actually looking forward to my next period. I know - when I mentioned to my sister and my bestie that I was looking forward to my period they had to throw me a few little security questions, like you get when you phone a call centre, to make sure it was really me they were speaking to. 

I opted to test out the Organic Cotton Night Pads with wings. 

time of the month products

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another Etsy Fave: Chibi Pokemon Phone Case

In the off-chance you're not all out playing Pokemon Go, why not keep the theme going by having a nosey at my new phone case?

pokemon phone case

Back in June, the lovely Sarah over at Raiin Monkey shared this post about this beauty and I fell in love, however, being the sensible spender that I am, I decided that I'd spent ENOUGH on luxuries that month and started hinting heavily to my boyfriend how much this phone case would improve my quality of life and basically just make everything in the world 100% better. 

Not that I'm dramatic.

Anyway, long story short, I bought it for myself cause ~if you're gonna brag make sure it's your money you flaunt, depend on no-one else to give you what you want~ (bonus points if you know the song).

You can find this phone case over on Etsy by a store called BluePotionUK, available for various different iPhones, Samsungs and even a Sony model, for £20.99. Now, I hear ya. At first I was like hmmm, dunno about spending twenty pounds on a phone case - I'm usually a cheap and cheerful eBay girl when it comes to phone cases - but yeah, you get what you pay for. 

The phone case is even cuter in real life and it's a lil' high quality bad boy. The colours are bright and there's no fading in the print at all. I feel like I want to show you all in real life because my pictures don't do it justice. I've shown everyone at work so you know, I got the time if you got the time. 

I mean LOOK AT IT.

pokemon phone case

>>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->

I find it really surprising when some companies still refuse to jump on the blogger bandwagon for advertising purposes, I swear most of the money I spend is all thanks to you guys and the goodies you find and share on your blog. 

How are you all getting on with Pokemon Go?
I haven't downloaded it yet. Sometimes I get excited about things to the point where I don't let myself get involved just in case it's a let down. I know, self sabotage at it's finest right?


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Friday, 8 July 2016

10 Bullet Journal Prompts

What's a Bullet Journal I hear you say? Lol jokes. Thought I'd round up a few ideas for those of you who want to start one or are just looking for a little inspiration.
bullet journal ideas prompts moany mouse

1. Food diary. Especially good if you are looking for particular trends like triggers for migraines or mental health dips. 

2. Self care reminders. Gotta look after number one. And whilst we're on the subject, I'd definitely recommend that you check out this 30 Day Self Care Challenge by Tara @ Cattitude & Co - one of my favourite blog posts of late.

3.  Keep in touch reminders. Sometimes I get so occupied trying to keep my head above water that I forget to check in with my friends - not good!

4. Water intake tracker. Glug glug. 

5. Money spending manager. Track your budget for lunches, transport, treats etc.

6. Your daily/weekly/monthly achievements. 

7. Vitamin and medication check. You can tie this in with your daily planner. 

8. Reading goals tracker. I read a lot in the winter (bath season) but don't do so well in the warmer months! 

9. Time of the month tracker. I have an app on my phone but it's good to have a note in my daily planner too. Also good to expand and keep a note of symptoms, cramp triggers etc.

10. Data usage tracker. We all love scrolling through Tumblr but not when it costs five grand a page.

>>>---------------------->    >>>---------------------->    >>>---------------------->

How are you all getting on with your bullet journals?
I'd love to have a peek, or for you to share some of your ideas with me!
Feel free to leave a link to any of your bullet journal posts in the comments.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

52 Week Saving Challenge Update - Week 27

WELL I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I totally didn't pay this any attention last month. Thanks to a dip in how I was feeling, I was more interested in lying down and forgetting about things that weren't my 2DS or my cats. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Guest Post by Zara Lewis

9 Lifestyle Decisions that Will Make You Happy 

Image source: Flickr 

Set clear goals 
As soon as the choice is made, setting clear goals is the next step. Decide on what your top priorities are, and stick to them fiercely. Make sure that all the goals you set are realistic, attainable, and specific, and always trust your intuition when it comes to achieving them.