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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Awkward necessary introduction

I've never written a bio that I haven't cringed at so instead here are some poorly organised facts about me:

  • I am turning 27 this year HOW RUDE. WE HAD A DEAL. I still get ID'd wherever I go though. Probably because of my moon face. 

  • I am a qualified Mortgage Advisor which is as dire as it sounds. Call centre life.

  • Scotland is my home and I love it here. My accent is quite broad and I talk very fast. Great qualities for the above mentioned call centre life.

  • I was diagnosed with depression almost two years ago and have been battling with anxiety since high school. I have recently started taking Fluoxetine 20mg. As my body adjusts to these tablets I currently have no interest in anything, no motivation and no appetite. I am greedy though so am managing to get some things done by rewarding myself with food afterwards. 

  • My favourite sandwich is ham and cheese and my favourite TV programme is The Office (US).

  • I have no knowledge of html or whatever it is that is required to make my blog look nice so I guess that is on the to do list.

  • I live with my boyfriend and two pretty badass cats. I like being at home because the other option is being outside and being outside involves bugs. Luckily for me, babycat is an expert in-house bug hunter.

  • I don't really like human contact, I find hugs really awkward. The only time I ever voluntarily want to touch people is when something funny happens and I grab their arm when I'm laughing to make sure that they are laughing at the funny thing too. 

I don't really know how to end this. 

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