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Friday, 28 August 2015

My visit to a spiritualist coffee shop

Earlier this week my sister and I decided to visit a local coffee shop that doubles up as a place to receive spiritualist readings, spooky right? This isn't going to be a review post, I just want to share my experience.

I don't officially know where I stand in the whole believing in ghosts thing. The rational part of my brain tells me I don't and this is the part of my brain that I love when I'm trying to sleep after watching horror movies. However, there have been far too many weird things happen in my life/my family's lives for me to totally discount it. This side of me is the side that makes me sleep with the lights on when I'm home alone. You may think I am joking. I am (not).

The Medium asked me to have an open mind and consider my friends and family too, and that the information she would give to me could be about my past, future and present time.

There seemed to be a lot of information given to me that I could fit into my life but I felt like with some of these things it could have just been a good guess?

They told me an "uncle figure" had passed suddenly of unnatural causes - this is true. The sceptic in me thinks that the majority of people going to these places would have experienced some kind of loss though and this could be guessed. They also mentioned a grandfather figure that had passed which doesn't fit in with my life.

They told me that I'd had my heart broken last year and that the relationship I'm in now has lots of love in it, and they said that they could see a wedding but not until I get my platinum ring. I do joke about a platinum ring but again, once they had gotten that I was in a relationship I feel like mentioning a wedding could be an educated guess?

They told me I've been decorating, which is true, and that they could see a dog called Jack which is also relevant. They also told me my head is "messy" at the moment, which is true.

However on the other hand there were just as many points that didn't seem to make any sense to my life, and that I couldn't fit into any one else's close to me (that I knew about).

All in all I'm not really sure how I feel about it after that! It was definitely an interesting experience. I didn't feel at all unsettled or uneasy, even when I heard one of the Mediums at a different table saying "there's someone standing right beside you" to another customer (although I did shiftily give the space next to the person a good stare - couldn't see anyone myself though).

I'm definitely not discounting that it could be for real - a lot of my family have had ghostly encounters and I seem to be the only joker that hasn't. Although it's probably a good thing as I'm sure my heart would just stop and that'd be me done.

I would love to go back or to go see another Medium to see if they tell me some of the same things, or what else they might say. I think it's fascinating.

Have any of you guys ever been to anything like this? What do you think of the information given to me, am I being too sceptical?

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