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Friday, 14 August 2015

Perseid Meteor Shower

For me, there is something oddly comforting about meteor showers. Usually when I let myself think about space I get freaked out by the idea of it all. How are people just going about life calmly whilst we are firing through the sky at 460 meters per second? Why aren't people concerned that we're about to be thumped by some gigantic flying rock from somewhere afar? ARMAGEDDON?!

Okay so I can be a little dramatic at times. Sometimes I forget about science. Seriously though, the thought of there being so much out there memorises me, in a truly terrifying way.

On the flip side, contrary to popular belief (and by popular belief I mean the thoughts of my sister who has had to listen to me for hours on end talk muck about the vast scaryness that is space) I get a great deal of joy from watching meteor showers, and have done since an early age.

The first memory I have of paying attention to anything of the sort was walking home from a family party really late at night with my sister and my parents. It was on the run up to Christmas and my dad made a big deal out of seeing Santa fly past above us. In reality this was his way to get me to stop feeling sorry for myself about having to endure the fifteen minute walk home, but to my sister and I it was the most exciting thing since those spinning, flying fairy toys.

Shoot forward to my teens, when I would force my poor unsuspecting family members outside at night in the freezing cold to accompany me to view whatever meteor shower was happening. See, meteor showers are super bad-ass however I am not, I'm actually a giant scaredy cat and needed someone with me to protect me, even if it was my tired younger sister.

There are few times I'll decide that being outside at night, surrounded by midges, flying spiders and daddylonglegses (what is the plural of that?) is where I want to be but I will brave it for the chance to see a meteor or two.

Wednesday 12th August 2015 - Perseid Meteor Shower

On this day I had been in my jammies all day. It was one of those days where the thought of getting out of bed had been too much to contend with. When I finally made it out of bed, I took the majority of the bed's contents with me downstairs onto the couch. Nailed it. Did I need to shower? Probably. Did I shower? No. No one was going to see me anyway. Was that a beef mini chip on my top? Delicious. - that kind of day. 

11pm came and it was time to drag my long-suffering boyfriend outside. I had spent the day in my bright red Coca-Cola jammies and, deciding these wouldn't keep me warm enough, threw on a black furry jacket I found in my wardrobe and some grey checked trainers and headed on outside, looking like a cross between Cruella DeVille, some 10 year old child and Avril Lavigne circa Sk8er Boi times. After congratulating my boyfriend on how utterly sexy I was looking, it was time to see the show! 

We stood together, huddled up at the top of my garden with our heads tilted right back in agony. It was wonderful. Not the busiest I've ever saw the sky however still absolutely magical. I moved into this house last year and because it is in a new development, there is very little light pollution meaning we had the perfect view. We stood for ages until we both saw the same meteor before heading back inside. 

Right now, I struggle to find things that make me feel calm and relaxed. I have a constant feeling like I am about to sit an exam, or my driving test all over again. And I can't really explain it, considering space usually makes me want to melt into a puddle out of sheer fear, I think it's the feeling of being little. A tiny little speck in this huge place. We are all temporary. Me freaking out about having to go to the shop for food or sweating at the thought of having to make a phone call about our slow internet seems really insignificant in comparison. It is the only night this week I have slept right though. 

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