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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday Blog - The Pit & Peak of the Week

Holy moly what a quick week. Life is going really fast right now, I should really spend less time sitting on my butt.


Nightmares & heartburn! Two things I can be doing without thanks very much. Ever since I had sleep paralysis a week and a bit ago I've had three nightmares, each waking me up totally panicked and fearing for the people in them. My brain has blessed me with nightmares about war, bear attacks (in Scotland...yup) and demons. My brain is such a punk - brain, you are supposed to be on my team.

Also had my first stint of heartburn. What a blast. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?! If you think I'm being dramatic now you should have been there when it was actually happening.


I socialised! This might not seem like much but for the past month or so I've been pretty much phasing everyone out and opting for time spent at home instead. I've had some pretty low moments  and I forget that actually spending time with other people helps me keep a good balance, mood-swing wise. One of my lovely friends cottoned on and forced me to do something and as much as I sassed her, she was doing it for my own good. She told me that we'd do something on Thursday and if I got flaky and bailed she would just show up at my house anyway, so I ended up going out for dinner with her and another of my good pals. It did me the world of good. So did the katsu curry. 1149 calories. Worth every single one. 

I also got to meet my sister's girlfriend for the first time and she's absolutely lovely. Toned down my weirdness a little to ease her in. I am just so considerate. 

Not really feeling myself today - a bit shaky for whatever reason so instead of blethering on without fully feeling it I just want to round up this post by saying how much I've enjoyed blogging so far. I started this blog just over two weeks ago and everyone has been really welcoming and friendly, what a lovely place to be!

Toodles xx

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