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Saturday, 26 September 2015

20 Things I Love About Myself Challenge

Nominated and inspired by the lovely Anna over at Free Form Happiness (mwah!) I decided to take part in this challenge. I have been feeling a bit pants recently so it might do me some good to think about some of the more positive things I have going on! Also, if you don't toot your own horn, who will?

On a side note, you should totally click the link above and go check out Anna's blog. She was one of the first blogs I found when I started out and when you read her posts it's like you are her friend and not some internet stranger. She's totally cool. 

Anyway, rule time.
  1. Write 20 things you love about yourself…   It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…um….nonsensical… Whatever!  It’s all about you so do what you want!
  2. Incorporate a selfie somewhere! (if you want) I have not for I am a menace of the highest order.
  3. Tag other bloggers!  I don’t really want to set a number because that always stresses me out about the other tags… So just… tag people!
  4. Revel in the self love!

  1. I love that I put family first. I was blessed with a really good family and they are my homies.
  2. I love that my boyfriend is my best friend. 
  3. I love that I started a blog. It's like free therapy. I enjoy writing and I enjoy reading what you guys write about too!
  4. I love that as I get older I care less & less about what people think of me. "What people think of you is none of your business!"
  5. I love that I was able to save up a deposit to buy my house. The overtime was brutal but definitely worth it. 
  6. I love that I was able to achieve no.5 when I was going through a really crap time in my life. I surprised myself and came out of it a much stronger person. I am singing Cher's "Strong Enough" in my head. It's real inspirational. 
  7. I love that I enjoy silliness. And I love that I bring out the silliness in others. There's something just really pure and comforting about seeing that in people.                                                                                          
  8. I love that I dream a lot. Like actual sleep dream, not day dream. I've woken myself up laughing a countless number of times.
  9. I love that I love cats. I actually love most animals but since I was a little girl I was obsessed with cats and being able to adopt and look after my cats has brought me so much happiness, just to see them all content and safe and stuff. Wee ANGELS. 
  10. I love that I have a family full of awesome women and that my cousins and sisters are all strong minded, take-none-of-your-bullshit kind of people. 
  11. I love that I chose to put effort into my career and study and gain my CeMAP qualification. I don't want to do mortgages for life but I was super proud of myself for passing. I hadn't studied for years so another time I have surprised myself!
  12. I love that I stick up for my friends. I had a rubbish time at school and didn't have anyone to stick up for me then so now I will always fight my friends' corners and come to their defence.
  13. I love that I'm always right. My boyfriend doesn't. This is a joke. OR IS IT?!?!
  14. I love that I look way younger than my age. I used to hate it but now when I get ID'd I'm like why YES I AM SO YOUNG LOOKING AREN'T I?!?! 
  15. I love that I helped my younger cousin be more confident in herself. She recently told me that a stranger told her that she's gorgeous, and I was all "that's because you are" and she was like "I know, you tell me all the time". You're damn right I do.
  16. I love that I'm affectionate. 
  17. I love that I find myself funny. Someone has to. 
  18. I love that, when I'm working as a trainer, I get good feedback and am known for making people feel comfortable. 
  19. I love that I have small feet. UK size 4. I don't know why I like this but I do. 
  20. I love that I'm me. I have copied this from Anna and I ain't even ashamed. My life might not be perfect but it's filled with good people and love and that makes me happy.

Ooft, I struggled to get 20. This post has indeed given me a little boost though.


Anyone that so happens to read this post. You are awesome and I wanna hear why. 

Remember, this post is about loving yourself and encouraging other people to love themselves too. I am fully on board with encouraging this type of behaviour!


  1. Yayyyyy!!!!! I love your 20 Things! Michael saying "I am Beyonce always." Truth. These are great! Also, "I love that I find myself funny"... that is my life. I'm constantly cracking myself up, especially when I'm going for walks. I think my neighbors think I'm crazy...oh well!

    1. I think it makes sense to find yourself funny...I mean who knows what makes you laugh more than yourself?!