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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Doctor's Waiting Room Anxiety

I think even if you don't stumble through life with anxiety, doctor's waiting rooms have always been a place that people would rather avoid.

How many contagiously sick people have touched these magazines?
What about these arm rests?
Best try not to breathe, that man over there is a bit coughy. Don't want bird flu.
Oh god I've held my breath too long and now I need to cough but don't want to draw attention to myself.
I think I'm choking.

Pretty irrational, right?

Enter anxiety. 
All of these thoughts PLUS the fear that you are going to have to interact with a doctor that might think you are a big fraud.
Wait, what if I fall when I'm walking past all these people?
Am I sitting funny?
Where will I put my arms if I can't touch these arm rests?

I wish I could convince my brain to be rational. This is how my last visit to the doctor's went -

My mind is my own worst enemy.


  1. My husband is the worst when it comes to any appt, but especially doctor's or dentist's offices as he has really bad anxiety! Your thoughts about your arms made me laugh, your thoughts can definitely be irrational when faced with anxiety! XO -Kim

    1. I feel for him! Horrible feeling at the time! x

  2. I feel ya :( I have bad anxiety going to the doctors and I HATE waiting rooms. I feel really exposed in them, like if I move just a little I will draw attention to myself and I never know where to look because I want to avoid making awkward eye contact with strangers.

    I am filled with dread at the thought of getting up and walking past all the other people when they call my name, and the way people stare when you walk out afterwards. I also hate talking to the doctor, because I feel so flustered being there I forget some of the things I want to say. I've started taking a list with me and just reading from it :) it's been helpful.