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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Go Easy On Yourself

"You need to be your friend, rather than bullying yourself." - some advice I received the last time I was at the doctors. I had gotten myself into the habit of planning my whole day out to try and keep a handle on my anxiety/depression. On the one hand it worked really well - I was able to check things off the to-do list and feel like I'd had a productive day, however, on the other hand I would give myself a really hard time on the days where I couldn't face getting dressed. 

I wanted to write this post because I know there are a lot of people out there who haven't yet found the courage to talk to anyone about what they might be feeling. It's okay to have an off day. It's okay to not be able to control every element of your day. The sooner you realise this, the easier your off days will become. 

I still make my to-do lists because it gives me a sense of achievement when I can look back at the day's tasks and feel like I've been productive. It's one of the ways I cope and it does work for me. Alongside that though, I keep in mind that being my own friend will do me more favours than being my own enemy. This means that on the days where I find it hard to get out of bed I no longer give myself a hard time about it (therefore making me feel worse) and instead take the time to appreciate that I can't control everything. Today I can Netflix and chill (for real), the hoovering will still be there later when I feel more up to it. 

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