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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Blog - The Pit & Peak of the Week

The Pit

Spider season. If you haven't already, read about my latest encounter here. Eurgh.

The Peak

My boyfriend and I have had some lovely time off work together. We had a holiday away to Majorca earlier in the year so decided to use this time to chill the eff out. 

We had a visit to Five Sisters Zoo who are doing some great work just now to raise money to enable them to rehome & rehabilitate four ex-circus lions. We also met this cutey.

As well as that, we've taken the time to just enjoy each other's company without having to worry about work getting in the way. We watched the best horror movie I've seen in a while, It Follows, not creepy enough that I had to sleep with the lights on but enough that I kept the lamp on in the bedroom until I was joined by my boyfriend and cats. 

I had time to go and spend time with some of my family. I had a lunch and shopping trip to Dobbies with my cousin and my gran (and bought my first Christmas present - am I actually going to be organised this year?) and then followed that up with a visit to my wee gran which was lovely minus the spider drama. 

On Wednesday I decided to be social again and headed to the cinema with two of my faves to see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl which was actually a lot funnier than anticipated! Sad but funny. Zero tears from me but a good few tears from one of my friends. I'd probably rate it 3 tears out of 10. Does that make sense to you? Me neither. 

Oh, and we also had a visit to Toys R Us. I was reluctant to go in because we had just had a massive meal at Frankie & Benny's (love you carbonara) and I felt like I just needed rolled home however when we got in there the little girl in me took over and I suddenly had a new plan where we couldn't leave until we'd been up and down every single aisle. We bought Pay Day. Anyone remember that game? Amaaaazing. Wise adult life choices.

So yeah I've had a really good week! I won't pretend I haven't had mood swings or down moments but I've been able to phase them out reasonably quickly so I'm taking that as a victory.

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