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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - A Review. Or Not.

More of a whinge actually. 

I might be one of the few people that like the Paranormal Activity films. Ghosts freak me the eff out. Probably due to the actual haunted house I was brought up in. (I'll talk about this in another post soon.) I still don't know whether to count myself as a believer or not but I sure do like a movie that can mess with my head and leave me unnerved - ghosty movies tend to do this the best for me. 

The first Paranormal Activity freaked me out the most. I watched this when it was brand new and everyone was under the impression that it was actual footage. Naive? Maybe. Paranormal Activity 4 I liked because there was a good bit of sarcy humour thrown in - "I don't like seeing things that are cool!" And the other two in between I still enjoyed because they had items getting moved around the house, unexplained noises and other such things that make you lose your cool when you're home alone. 

I didn't like Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. I can't even remember it. I like to just pretend it never happened. 

Anyway back to the new movie. I would love to say that I enjoyed it but I couldn't watch half the bloody movie because the camera was moving around like it was sellotaped to a drunk bat. I was nearly throwing up in the cinema because I felt so motion sick. The parts of the movie I did see, when the camera had been sat down, were fine though. I jumped three or four times which is always a sign of a good fright. It was just a shame I spent the majority of the hour and a half staring at the seat in front of me, making patterns out of the fuzzy lines as I listened to the movie. 

I would say the highlight of my outing to the cinema was that even though I'd just turned 27 I still got asked for ID when I was buying a Smirnoff Ice. I just look SO YOUNG. 

So do you all wanna hire me to write professional movie reviews now, yeah? 


  1. Lol..I love scary movies too. So I love watching supernatural and sleepy hollow

    1. Haven't watched Sleepy Hollow in so long!