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Friday, 2 October 2015

How To Get Over A Break Up

Some of us have been there, some of us haven't. For me it happened last year. I won't go into the nitty-gritty but it was ugly. Moving stuff out of a house and back in with my mum, the fear of being alone and the fight over kitty custody (for real). 

I came out of the whole experience a much stronger person but the aftermath of the break up was tough. Here is what I learned.

Surround yourself with family & friends.

Fill up your time with these people. Your family will always have your best interests at heart and your friends will help to take your mind off things and have fun again. My family were there to support me and my friends were there to take me out and get me enjoying myself again. Sure better than sitting in your room alone, crying and listening to Boyz ll Men. 

Have a clear out - social media included.

Out of sight helps to keep things out of mind. Free your space of reminders of the ex. De-activate your Facebook for a while. Depending on the situation you might have decided to try and remain friends however having time away from Facebook, or deleting the ex from your friends list, will save you hours of stalking and making yourself feel worse.

Put yourself first.

You no longer need to compromise! There's football on tonight so you'll need to watch Corrie on catch up? NOPE. Not anymore. Indulge yourself in your favourite things to do. Make time to look after yourself. During this period I got really good at having Lush baths accompanied by the Kardashians. Not the actual Kardashians. You get it.

Say "yes".

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and say yes to things you would usually shy away from - it will open up so many opportunities for you. By saying yes I ended up making wonderful memories from last minute nights out, new work opportunities and even bought my first house. Sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone is what's needed to move forward.

Give yourself time.

Time heals. You won't wake up one morning and magically feel better, however, you will start to wake up to days where the first thing you think about isn't the ex. When you get downstairs for breakfast and realise you didn't wake up sad you will feel like the bad ass babe that you are.

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