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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lovely Blog Award!

Merci to the wonderful Anna over at Free Form Happiness for the nomination. You know, when I type "F" into my address bar her blog actually comes up as the first suggestion, even before Facebook. Yup, she's that good. 

I am all for these posts, they are a great way to show appreciation for your favourite blogs and also discover new reads. Win-win!

Okay, so the rules are as follows...

1. Thank the person who nominated you & provide a link to their blog.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. State 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know. 


Okay...7 facts.

1. I don't know any other girls with the same name as me. It's a name typically given to boys. I don't think I've ever mentioned my name on here because I wanted to separate this from my personal Facebook/Twitter etc. so I could write content that is a lot more personal without worrying about unwanted attention from my mum's neighbour's aunty's dog-walker. Classic Facebook. 
It's actually one of the reasons I chose to adopt Grumpycat - he has a name typically given to girls so I felt like it was meant to be, ha! I don't mind telling you guys my name, I'm just not gonna post it all over the joint.

2. I have a scar on my face but no one ever notices it unless I point it out. It basically just looks like four freckles in a row. I'd like to say it came from a heroic fight with pirates or something but I got it from falling on top of a glass milk bottle when I was little. Thrilling.

3. I was born & raised in Scotland and I think it's the most beautiful place in the world. 

4. I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to picking outfits. If I won the lottery the first thing I'd do would be hire a personal stylist to dress me on a daily basis. I need the help.

5. My oldest friend has my name tattooed on his belly. 

6. I hate talking on the phone. Sometimes people try to call me even when they know I hate it and I'll just stare at my phone until they stop. My friends actually sometimes trick me into phone conversations, recently one of them text me all like "I'm at the train station on my own" so I had to answer...turns out she was surrounded by loads of people, not at all scared and just knew I wouldn't answer unless I thought she was on her own. She is wise to my ways.

7.  I can't sleep without socks on. I know. It's weird. I have a weird thing about toenails getting caught on the sheets. It's actually giving me the creeps thinking about it. I'm so sexy.

Now for the nominations! 
Anna if you hadn't already posted and nominated me you know you'd be on here too. 

Brianna @ Brie Georgie
Becky @ Life By Becky
Emily @ Ditch The Heels
Nanci-Jean @ NJ and the Blog

These are the blogs I've been reading the most at the moment and are all very deserving of The Lovely Blog Award.


  1. Love this! Number 7, me too!!

    Thanks for the nomination x

  2. Congrats on the nomination!
    I am totally the same with the whole talking on the phone, i just really dread having conversations via phone. I have tried so hard to get over that fear, but is impossible. I actually recently had to call my bank for few information and every time i tried to dial the number i would immediately hang up once someone picked up. I am pretty sure they were getting frustrated by that. And about the whole sock dilemma i am completely opposite i can not for my life sleep with socks on! haha.

    XO Sarai,
    if you have time and wish to check out my blog is

    1. Haha I've worked in a call centre for a bank, I bet they wouldn't have been annoyed, they would have enjoyed the break!

      I just find talking on the phone really awkward. Good trait for a call centre employee, huh?

      I have some time tomorrow so will have a read through your blog. :) x

  3. Thank you for the nomination lovely! I have a scar on my face too and I hate phone calls. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. Thank yooooouuuu!!! That just made my day!!!!

    I also haaaaate talking on the phone so so much. It's just so awkward and weirdly intimate? Ya know? Blehhhhh

    And I absolutely NEED to sleep with socks. I'm just always so cold! If I'm ever not wearing socks I'm probably shivering.

    There's probably something really wrong with me and I just don't now it....

    1. I live by the rule that if your feet are warm then you will be! And if your feet are cold you'll be cold too. Pretty weird rule to live by but I think it's true.

  5. Love this! I'd love to visit Scotland! X

    Formal dress up fun over on-

    1. If you ever get the chance you totally should, you won't regret it :) x

  6. Reading all these makes me kind of make me love you a little bit, you're adorable! I'm really curious about your name too and can't stop going through boys names that could be girls!

    Musings & More

    1. Ahaha nicest comment ever, thank you! I have sent you an email! x

  7. Congrats on your nomination! I love your little facts - I have a big scar too and people never spot it AND I have freckles hidden under my foundation haha. Good shout about the personal stylist, that's living the dream xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Aw thank you! I actually did win the lottery last night but it was only £2.70 so I'm not quite there yet haha x

    2. Yes is not enough. Try to play more tickets in a draw or set a lotto syndicate with your friends (find some games here thelotter review). This will increase the chances so that the winning can be bigger.

  8. Congratulations on your nomination! As a lover of lotteries, I was interested in the fact number 4. If you play like me Wednesday Lotto results then unfortunately, even if you win the jackpot, the money for the stylist will not last for a long. :-) Better to choose the lottery with a huge jackpot! And my name is unisex, for the boys and the girls, but I'm a man and I sleep in socks, too. Once again, congratulations!