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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Blog - A Bit of a Change

Hello lovely people! I've had a think and I've decided to change up my Sunday blog posts a bit. Usually I'd write about the pit & peak of my week however I'm currently taking a course of medication that levels out my moods so I find myself not really having ups or downs at the moment. Weird right? It's making me a bit indifferent to everything. Find chocolate I didn't know was there - so what? Stub my toe going up the stairs - happens. Massive lottery win - pffft. Well maybe not, I'm sure if I won the lottery I'd cartwheel aggressively through the neighbourhood screaming my head off, but you get the idea. So for now it'll be less structured, chatty posts. 

This week I've been mostly feeling ill. Think it's been a mixture of maybe a sickness bug and just general tiredness so there has been lots of time spent curled up on the couch trying to feel sorry for myself but not quite having the energy/motivation to. 

Plans for this week: exercise like a beast/draw like a mf. One thing I really love about blogging is that since I started I've found so many blogs out there that inspire me to treat myself better and also to spend more time being creative, both of which can only have a good impact on my life!  

Also it was inspiring to log into Bloglovin' today and catch up on all of the World Mental Health Day posts from yesterday. One thing I will say about this community is that I've had nothing but support and encouragement, and no negative experiences when writing about my mental health journey so a big thank you to everyone for being such babes.

In addition to keeping up with me on here you can also find me on Twitter & Instagram, I'd love to keep up with more of you so please do check those links out. On Twitter you'll get my day-to-day thoughts and on Instagram it's mainly shots of my home, the sky & what I'm getting up to. Here's a few posts from the last week or so.

Top left: a painting I've yet to find the perfect spot for feat. babycat. 
Top right: new perfume on my vanity table. 
Bottom left: sick days as mentioned above. Duvets on the couch.
Bottom right: some graffiti on a wall in Edinburgh. 

I hope you've all had a fabulous week!

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