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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Blog - The Pit & Peak Of The Week

This week is a bit different. I always write these Sunday posts real-time so that they are genuine Sunday round ups but my head is all over the place today because my babycat was unwell last night so this one is more like writing in a diary. So yes, last night was definitely the pit of the week. 

Babycat snuggled under my covers :)

She had a bad tummy but worse than I've ever seen in any of my cats and she was moving about really slowly and carefully which just wasn't sitting right with me because she is usually more like Taz the tasmanian devil. I gave the emergency vet a call at 2am and he advised to keep an eye on her and if she was still the same in the morning to take her in. 

Now to a normal person, "keeping an eye" on something might mean check up on it every now and again to make sure it's alright. What my brain heard was "don't dare take an eye off her for even a second, you must stare at her all night, sweating profusely when she moves/doesn't move/breathes loud/blinks/etc". My anxiety levels were through the roof. I felt like there were a million mini-monsters in my tummy having a riot of a time. 

"I hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight" I said to my boyfriend, as I locked us all in the livingroom (sick babycat and well cat included). Babycat made her way under a side table so I set up camp where I could see her, lying on the livingroom floor. I would be an absolutely unbearable mother, can you imagine?

Anyway, after hours of Fifa and doodling, 6.30am arrived and with it so did an incredible urge to shut my eyes. I had a few hours of very light sleep, darting upright anytime I heard a noise. Then at around 10am babycat got up and paraded into the middle of the livingroom, rolled over on her back and then came over and smothered us with cuddles. I'd never been so happy to have her wee wet nose pressed up against my cheek. 

Peak of the week - babycat seems fine. My body clock and time awareness might be all over the joint but who needs time anyway?! What? 


  1. Aww so sad about your cat being unwell, I'm a huge animal lover so that was sad to hear but glad she's better now!:) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky