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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Blog

Happy Sunday you gorgeous bunch! What an eventful week I've had, health wise. I woke up at 5am on Wednesday morning because I couldn't breathe - what a panic. My boyfriend had to take the day off work because my breathing was funny all morning/afternoon and it was all a bit scary. 

I also had a very odd appointment with a doctor I've never met before. Long story short I told him I wanted to stop taking a certain medication and his advice was "just stop taking it then" even though if I were just to stop I would have serious side effects...and when I mentioned my concern he replied "oh alright then, take them alternate days I suppose." He also told me three times within my five minute appointment that my various aches and pains were "probably nothing serious" because I'm young. Oh goody. That's what I've been telling myself Dr. CBA but if you could maybe check these things that would be great...

Anyway I haven't been right for months so I think I'm going to look into Bupa Healthcare just for peace of mind. Does anyone have any experience using Bupa at all? 

OH AND mother nature, the ever-giving princess that she is, blessed me with my 2nd TOTM of October so that's been lovely. 

Next week can only be better, right? 

Instagram round-up time!

Top left: A picture I took from Kinghorn Beach, Fife, Scotland. I like this one because I think the town looks like a tiny toy town. Blue is my favourite colour so I love when I can get a picture of the sky and water all in one. 

Top right: I moved my livingroom around again. This is my cosy little corner. When it gets dark I face the lamp into the wall and it creates a nice back-light for reading.

Middle left: Some cats like polly bags, Babycat likes Harvey Nichols bags. 

Middle right: A photo of the Forth Rail Bridge taken at around 6am. 

Bottom left: I got all my hair chopped off. Next plan is to perfect the Lucy Hale waves. Loving her hair right now. If you know of any tutorial videos please let me know! 

Bottom right: my Sunday. Why am I sitting on the floor I hear you ask? No idea. I just get there without noticing I'm doing it. How good is Aladdin by the way? I think it's my favourite Disney movie. The songs are just amazing. As is the Genie. Robin Williams really was something else. 

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  1. Ohhhh my goodness that Doctor sounds terrible. I'd find another one. I had a similar experience recently, where I told my doctor that my legs had been hurting a lot, and the veins in the backs of my legs were all weird, and she didn't even look at the before she was just like, "you're fine. You probably just lost weight." .... I didn't.... Probably gained weight. I tried to be like well what is it then? But she just kept dismissing me. So now I think I'm going to have a stroke every time my legs hurt hahaha she didn't even look!! Makes me so mad.

    Also, Aladdin is one of my favs. Is it weird to have a major crush on a cartoon character? Not even ashamed.

    1. Horrible right?! He was dismissing almost everything I said and when I left he'd made me feel like I wasted his time! Of course I got into the car and was like "well I've had a good life..." convinced my heart was about to stop or something.

      Don't be ashamed. Unless you don't mean Aladdin and you have a crush on Abu...