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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Travelling Solo - Hints & Tips I've Picked Up Along The Way

Working as a trainer means sometimes travelling is required. When I started, this was totally new to me and I found it TERRIFYING. Caps required. I thought I'd share a few hints & tips I picked up that helped make things easier.


Check lists are your friends. I find this the most effective way to ensure I don't forget anything important. What needs to be packed, what needs to be packed right before you leave (last minute things e.g hair straighteners), what needs to be done to prepare for flights e.g. checking in & checking for delays. Take the time to sit down and think about each part of your journey/stay-over to help you make check lists to ensure you have everything covered. Think about your daily routine for getting ready. If you have ticked off check lists, you can breathe - you're good to go. 

Check in online where possible

Checking in online for flights has saved me so much time! One less thing to do on the day. That can only be a good thing, right? Check out your carrier's website which will advise you whether this is an option or not. 

Pack your handbag and hand luggage wisely

Think about what you're going to need to hand - if you're flying you're going to need to show your passport and ticket a couple of times before you board the plane. Hand luggage wise, you want to have a bit of everything in here in case your luggage goes missing. Think somewhat of an emergency pack that will keep you going until you can get your luggage/some new stuff if it's gone for good. Another important thing to do is check the maximum size of the liquids you are allowed to carry on - you don't want to have to bin your favourite perfume because you've packed it but it's too big to take. 

Read up on where you're going

Get local taxi numbers. Check out your accommodation online - what's nearby? Is there a supermarket? You may even need to read up on culture and etiquette. The place I travelled to most was Belfast so that wasn't important for me personally, however my boyfriend travelled to the Philippines so it was important for him to do this. You don't want to wave hi to someone to later find out they've found it hella rude and you've basically told them to gtf. Check the etiquette.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Looking back on the first time I had to travel alone I wish I could have seen my face. I felt like a toddler standing in the middle of Edinburgh Airport. It was as simple as approaching one of the airport staff and asking for help. They're never gonna see you again! I was scared they would think I was hopeless but honestly it took less than 30 seconds to be pointed in the right direction and then *poof* I was on my way. 

After the first stint of travelling solo, I swear I felt like this. 

Do you travel often? Do you have any tips you could share with me?


  1. Thank you for these tips, I have never been traveling alone, though I suspect that will be coming sooner that I'm expecting, haha! These things can be so easy to forget, a checklist before is a good idea :)

    Filippa ⎮

    1. I swear once you've done it the first time it gets easier and easier :) x