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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Autumn to Winter - My Keepers

One of my favourite things about making the plunge and buying a house is that I can do whatever I want with it. Imagine Cartman "Whateva...I do what I want!" - this is me in my home. 

Before I moved in here I actually lived in a rented house and I learned something very important about myself. I HATE clutter. I went wild and bought loads of crap basically. Any old thing I could get my hands on. This left me always feeling like the house was a mess, even when I'd spend aged tidying up. Damn you clutter. You felt so good at the time, when I was flying through shopping centres high on life about my first steps into being a badass adult that didn't need to live with her parents. 

Then I learned a trick that changed the way I looked at buying things. Make sure everything in your house has it's own home. It means everything has a place where it's supposed to be. For moving into my own home, I kept this in mind and what a difference it made between the two houses. 

I wanted to show you a few things I picked up for my home for moving into Autumn. These things have their own home in my home (inception much?) which means I'll probably keep them out right into and throughout winter. 

Babycat modelling the cushions for me. Look at her wee paw showing off that cushion. I did take pictures of the cushions afterwards without her in but then felt like I couldn't do that to her.
Orange cushion covers & throw were all from TK Maxx
Orange cushions and a grey & orange throw. My summer colour for the house was yellow and I kept a peep of yellow out as I felt it went well with the orange. My next challenge is to find a winter colour that I can replace the yellow with...any ideas?

Fox with fabulous eyelashes also from TK Maxx
Miss Vixen, my sassy little fox lady. I'm obsessed with foxes. And deer. Cats. Bunnies. I'll level with you, my home is just full of animals. It's like walking into a zoo. Maybe I should start charging people.

This little fox is also from TK Maxx. Didn't realise how much of a TK Maxx binge I'd been on until writing this post up.
 Baby fox.

I've sold my soul to TK Maxx
YOU GUESSED IT. ANOTHER FOX. I'll seek professional help. 

Before I do that though, just look at her wee face. Of course you can come into winter with me you wee babe.

Do you have any Autumn bits and pieces you plan on keeping out through the winter?

To see more of my zoo home, click here!


  1. Oh my gosh the foxes are so cute hahaha I need them!! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Can't get enough of them atm! xx

  3. Loving you colour scheme, orange is so perfect right now. I know you didn't focus on it but that globe is amazing. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Aw thank you! The globe was actually a gift to my boyfriend from his mum, it has bumpy bits where there are mountains! Might stick up a post on that at some point :) xx

  4. I love the fox theme running through your house, it goes well with your colors as well! I love your advice of making sure everything has a home, that has definitely helped me keep my house from getting too crazy. Now I only look for things to buy in spaces I know I need to fill, it's really the only thing that stops me from going crazy hahaha. Great post! XO -Kim

    1. I'm trying to drum the "everything has a home" advice into my boyfriend, he doesn't seem to love it the same as we do. Thank you lovely x

  5. I find myself in love with every detail of your home x

    1. Still a long way to go and I constantly want to change things but it's getting there :) x

  6. I love the fox/woodland creatures theme! SO CUTE