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Friday, 18 December 2015

Why "Moany Mouse"?

A cosy picture of my kitchen window, just because.

Why hello. This is a bit of an impromptu post - it's been something I've been meaning to write for a while but since joining the Girl Gang and speaking to a lot more of you guys I feel like I should really give you a name to address me by. 

Y'see, this blog is a bit of a private thing for me. It's a place for me to write about my life in a very honest way and a lot of the time I write really personal things about how I'm feeling and what's going on in my head. Stuff I'm really not quite ready to share with the people in my life yet.

Now there are a few reasons I decided to start this blog with a bit of an anon thing going on but the main reason was that I wanted a place to document my mental health journey and to meet other people who may be dealing with the same kind of thing. This for me meant being totally honest and sharing a lot more than what I would with people in my day to day life. With depression I'm finding that there's an element of not wanting to let on to my family how low I can get sometimes, so as not to worry them. 

"Moany Mouse" is kind of a mix of two things - moany for the way a lot of people perceive me on my lowest of low days, obviously not realising what's really going on, and mouse stems from having a shit time with bullies at school and is just kind of a little reminder to me that I'm totally over it now and can look back without any hard feelings. 

So before this ends up a mini-novel I've decided to share a name with you. I'm going to keep the blog as Moany Mouse but think it would be nice to sign my name and make it even more personal. 


I do still want that little bit of privacy and my first name is a total give away, so I'll be signing off using my surname - Christie. So now you finally have a name to put to this moany face. 

Also, a very big thank you to you all for being so supportive with the things I've shared with you. Awkward internet hugs for everyone.

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  1. We are herevto support you no matter what, Christie. It's totally understandable why you are hesitating in sharing your full indentity. I am doing the same thing as well. I am not very comfortable with my real life friends or accoutances to know about my little space on internet. But maybe one day I will :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I think the same! One day I might be able to talk more openly about it but for now I'm more comfortable with this. Thank you lovely xx

  2. Hi Christie! :)

    I'm proud of you for writing this post! Reading about others who have similar feelings to myself is really helping me atm <3

    I started blogging for a few reasons but mostly it was to help with my recovery and give me something to concentrate my thoughts on. I also havent't shared my blog with most of my friends irl. My best friends are the only ones who I've given my blog address to because I knew I wanted to talk openly about my mental health and I was & still am too nervous to share that with others just yet.

    1. Thank you lovely :). It's totally weird because at work I don't hesitate to talk openly about mental health but when it comes to my family I'm not quite ready yet. You have my support and I'm always down for a chinwag if you need an ear xx

  3. Yayyy! So I tell my boyfriend about how much I love you blog all the time, but every time I start with, "ahhh I don't know her name! I'm such a terrible person!" Well, I'm glad I didn't just miss something! (I also might have told you that before.. I can't remember!)

    Hello Christie!

    Also, I'm an IDIOT when it comes to computers... how do you make the little signature thing at the end of the post? It look so clean and professional. HELP.

    1. Hahaha you totally didn't miss anything!! I actually felt bad because I felt like I was lying to everyone and being sneaky and stuff. And I'd come read your blog (and also tell my boyfriend about your blog haha!) and then I'd leave comments and I'd never once mentioned anything about my name and he said to me that you probably thought I was some big fake catfish with no name and he made me totally paranoid haha.

      The signature is just a pic I embedded (I did the name pic on my tablet but also considered just using somewhere like to write my name and save the pic from there) and then I just threw in some of my links underneath! Although I had to google some html to find out how to remove the shadow around the pic as it didn't blend in with the background!

      I'm not very good at explaining things but if you need help drop me an email or something and I'll try and make more sense!

    2. Thanks! I'm gonna try this then I'll probably fail and email you... hahaha

      I now have the image of you sitting at your computer trying desperately to type a blogpost but failing because you're a catfish and have huge fins instead of hands. Just flopping all over the keyboard....

    3. Tbh sometimes when it's late and my blogposts aren't going how I want them, that could be a v accurate description of me hahahaa