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Sunday, 24 January 2016

12 Thoughts We All Have When Watching Crime Dramas/Documentaries

This post may or may not have been brought on by recently finishing Making A Murderer and moving on to The Killing on Netflix. (PS: Holder is bae).

  1. The murderer is definitely X. Or Y or Z. Definitely.
  2. Hmm actually, it's probably the person I most medium suspect. 
  3. Why am I enjoying this so much? Should I be worried? Am I a bad guy? Let's not tell anyone.
  4. If this pet gets hurt this is going OFF. 
  5. My life is literal Netflix and chill, I'd never have an alibi. Would my recently watched list count as an alibi?
  6. How can the murderer clean the crime scene so good when I'm still trying to get to grips with cleaning my cooker?
  7. His brother is a suspect? Okay, so who can I really trust?! ~makes list of close relatives in head then decides that only the cats can be trusted~
  8. I wonder what disguise wig I would suit. Probably one with a fringe. I'd love a fringe. 
  9. TOTALLY CALLED IT. Told you it was Y right at the start didn't I. Funnily enough, also the person I most medium suspected. ;)
  10. I am such a good detective. I am so wasted working where I do. I am Sherlock Holmes. I am Basil the mouse detective and I am Mulder and Scully all in one. No one can stop me.
  11. Better rewind that, got a bit carried away there. 
  12. What do you mean it's the end and there's BEEN ANOTHER MURDER?! WHO DID IT?

It isn't just me right?
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  1. It's definitely not only you. All these thoughts run down in my head when I am watching this kind of shows. Especially the one like "I so called this! I knew it's him!" :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. HAHAHA this is brilliant!! Honestly made my day, I agree with everything! I've recently just watched Making a Murderer and I loved it, and The Killing is one of my fave shows ever! I love Holder too! I love the one about using netflix most recently watched as an alibi, and if an animal gets hurt that is enough for me to want to stop watching! Although I never do, but I have a good cry haha!! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Ahaha amazing, thank you! So glad I'm watching The Killing now I love it! xxx

  3. HAHAH where is the lie??? I seriously do all of these! This is exactly my thoughts while stuck in an SVU hole! I always try to medium suspect people!:) I always love a good Dwight quote! Can't go wrong with those!:)

    Shannon Sage

    1. Love when people are in on the Dwight quotes haha :) x

  4. I feel that way too when watching these shows haha! Plus you can't go wrong with Dwight Schrute. He is a wonderful man!

  5. 10. That is me all over hahaha we should open our own detective firm! Xox

  6. hahaha :) great post, reading it made me giggle! I can relate a lot to 3, 6 & 8. I love watching crime shows and dramas. I'm always watching the ID channel on TV.

  7. Most certainly isn't just you :D pretty much heard my own voice saying these things while watching a crime drama :D
    So a big thank you for making list of the things we all think :D
    Jenny Side Up