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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Keeping Your House Clean & Tidy - A Lazy Person's Cheat-Sheet

I love my house when it's all clean and tidy, however, I do not love having to spend hours upon hours cleaning and tidying. One thing I learned very quickly when I left home - if I don't pick up after myself, no one else is gonna. Bit rude tbh but it makes sense. 

If you have recently moved out, or are planning on doing so soon, you might wanna check out these housework time-savers so that you can spend more time chilling the eff out/going to the pub/whatever tickles your fancy. I moved out when I was 22 so these cheats have made sure that I've had time for my important adulty hobbies (sitting down/lying down/napping) for a good five years now.

Minimal Living. It actually took me a few years to register this one. When I first moved out I wanted to buy all of the things because I was high as a kite on the adrenaline of "OMG I'm so grown look at me buying fifty cat ornaments and table zen gardens and decorative sticks!" and, somehow, the result was clutter. Masses of clutter. No matter how much I tried to organise/tidy the clutter it always just looked messy and gave off that lovely "house is a tip" vibe. Remember: clear space, clear head. 

Use kitchen roll for EVERYTHING. Especially cooking (ha, as if I cook) and meal prep. Lay down kitchen roll and prepare your food on it. Lay it out when you're making a cuppa. Using lap trays? Layer them with kitchen roll. Having a biscuit? Have it on kitchen roll. Honestly, what a time saver. No dishes to wash and no crumbs left lying all over the joint. Magic. 

Wipe down the bathtub after each bath/shower. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't eliminate the need for a deep clean but this helps you prolong and keep it fresher in between. Keep a cloth/towel handy and get that bad boy wiped down after you turn the water off. This will also keep the white sealant around your bathtub nice and white which is always a plus for when it comes to Instagramming your bath bombs.

Clean your dishes as you go. My kitchen is pretty small so I don't have the luxury of a dishwasher hiding the dirty dishes away. Doing the dishes is one of my least favourite chores to do & I'd rather cut my arms off than stick my hands into a tub of cold, foody water so I'm not one for leaving the dishes sitting in a tub, festering away. If you wash after each meal it means you'll only have a little drop to do. Sit them in the dish rack to air dry and by the time you make your way back into the kitchen later on they'll be ready to put away. 

Hang your clothes right from the dryer. I won't lie, I don't own an iron. Irons give me flashbacks of my mum spending 3234 hours every Sunday on her feet ironing and let's face it - she wasn't having a whale of a time. Noooo thank you. I hang all my clothes straight from the dryer which eliminates the need to iron. Even better - sometimes the dryer stops at just the right time and you can put clothes on directly from it which makes you the warmest, happiest person alive (at least for a few minutes). 

If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now. Taken from the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, this bit of advice is a good kick up the bum. How can you justify not clearing something if it's gonna take less than 2 minutes? Imagine all the ish you could get done in the adverts of Corrie, or waiting for the kettle to boil. IMAGINE. 

And last but not least, probably my favourite out of all the tidying cheats I've ever heard. This piece of eternal wisdom was shared by my friend back when we were in high school and he lived with his dad. This was his go-to so that he could spend extra time on MSN rather than cleaning up.

Sit the hoover in the middle of the living room five minutes before your guests are due to appear. "Oh my goodness is that the time, cannot believe I didn't realise! You've caught me in the middle of hoovering let me just move this to the side out of the way, come in."  The man is an evil genius. 

Do you have any cheats like this?! The tips I've mentioned here take no time at all but can save so much time in the long run. Not too shabby for Rachel!
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  1. Hahaha, you had my giggling through this post! These are great tips (apart from the kitchen roll one, I'd get too caught up in the waste ;) ). My roommate in my first year of university was a complete slob and I couldn't stand it so I always ended up cleaning up after her. I had a whole list of things in my head that would make everyone's (my) life easier - many are similar to yours. One, however, is about smell: rinse. out. your. empty. milk. cartons. Oh my god the stench of an empty carton left out for days is horrendous.


    1. Oh my god empty milk cartons can smell so bad! I don't like having to clean up after other people that would have annoyed me so much. x

  2. Haha, your friend is genius! Love these cheats, I do not have any to share expect to try washing dishes after every use, do not let them pile up :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Christie seriously, genious! I literally mean to wash the dishes after everytime I use one but I always end up with a pile of dishes needing done...must really get better at this! I love the Minimal Living tip which is something I'm always trying to push my husband towards because he is defintiely the hoarder of the two of us. I really loved this post, great tips! XO -Kim

    1. My boyfriend is like that - I've put his pc in the spare room which is hidden out of the way so any mess/clutter he has tends to be around that and out of my sight ha! It's the one room of my house that doesn't bug me if it looks messy cause I barely go in and it's not a room you see unless you go looking for it! xx

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  5. Yes to cleaning the dishes straight away. Trying to scrub off dried bits of porridge and rice is an absolute nightmare.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  6. hahahaha lovin' the hoover tip at the end :D

    Kitchen roll was my best friend at uni! I used it for everything, and I actually used it as a plate when I was eating a sandwiches, fruit or biscuits :D No mess or crumbs everywhere!

  7. Omg the hoover tip ahaha. Loved this post, putting clothes on straight from the dryer is something special.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. Oh my goodness!
    I should've seen this post years ago.
    Everything is so good!
    The Snap Narrative

  9. My dad works offshore so I've been looking after myself since high school and I developed these exact same habits haha! Kitchen roll works for literally everything in the house xox