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Monday, 18 January 2016

New Look Homeware Wish List

So, here's the deal. As you may or may not know, in December 2014 I bought a house. Another thing you may or may not know, is that I change my mind 1000 times per day - so you can imagine how many times I've changed my mind about the way my home looks. 

So I have a new plan. There is one thing I have loved about my house since I moved in and that is how airy, fresh and clean it looks and I'm 100% sure that this is down to having lots of white all over the place. So that's what I'm gonna roll with. Simple living. And every now and then, if I get bored, I can throw splashes of colour here and there (maybe with the seasons) just to keep me interested. 

The other night in a moment of sheer treat-yourself-ness, I ordered a new couch, footstool and a couple of chairs (forgive me bank balance). SO BE PREPARED TO SEE LOTS OF NEW HOME DECOR PICS. Y'know, after then ten week delivery wait. 

New Look Homeware 

So yeah, on the subject of spending money without checking your bank balance and hoping for the best, has anyone noticed how cute New Look's homeware range has been recently? Before my big return to work I had to run into New Look to grab a few new work outfits as I'd gone off what I had previously (surprise surprise) and somehow ended up distracted by candle holders etc. Here are some of my fave finds that I'll be purchasing in the near future. Even better, they're all under £10 so they don't induce the same money-fear that buying a couch does. 

White Cut Out Heart Lantern £5.99
I'm not a fan of having the big light on and much prefer cosy lighting. I get a bit para with candles cause I'm a big scaredy cat so I'd like to stick a wee battery operated pretend candle into this bad boy and have it sitting half way up the stairs on the corner stair, just to connect the cosiness between rooms. (Btw - does anyone else refer to the main light as "the big light" or is that a Scottish thing?)

Black House Chalkboard £7.99
If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed that I've been getting a lot of use out of my heart shaped chalkboard. I've now found a home for that one in my bedroom window but I'd love this one for in my kitchen to help keep a list of what needs picked up from the shop. Or just to play with. Dunno who I'm trying to kid, chalk is COOL. 
Pink House Block Calendar £6.99
So yes, I already have an owl version of this from Next (can't find it online - sorry!) but I'm planning to put up a shelf just inside my front door and think this would be just perfect for accessorising. 
White LED Heart Plaque £9.99
I don't have lighting for my vanity table! In all honesty though, I use the table as a desk too so I'm thinking a little lighting from this and then a Pixar style desk lamp on the other siiiiiiiiiide. 

What do you think? Also if you have any ideas on how to accessorise a shelf please help a girl out and clue me in. It's going to be the first thing you see upon walking through my front door so I want it to look neat but also cute af. Is a cactus too easy?

Also, if you have any home tour posts feel free to leave a link in the comments - promise I won't copy your home, I just need some inspiration!
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  1. I recently moved houses too and I am always thinking of a new ideas for it's decor. I have a lot of white place and I am planning on putting splash of color there and there. I like these homeware bits and pieces you chose! Looks very nice and cute :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Sounds like we have similar taste! :) x

  2. Very cute post! I don't live in my own flat but I am at uni so kind of trying to find things to decorate. Did you find these online as I never really see them in the store?

    Annabel ♥

    1. Yeah they are all available online but I did see them in store first of all! Guess it depends on how big the store is or something? x

  3. Those are adorable pieces! I especially love the calendar :)

    Okay, two things: I don't know if the vloggers I watch were just never taught the fear of leaving candles unattended or if they just have more faith than I have, but it drives me crazy when I see them just ~leaving~ candles! I'm so on your side about being paranoid about them! TWO: we call it a big light, too. And I also dislike them.


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Honestly end up blowing candles out after a few minutes cause I feel like I can't move from the room they're in/can't stop looking to make sure they're behaving ha!
      And good to know about the big light!x

  4. I love the little white lantern, such a beautiful touch to any home. I've got a block calendar just like that but it's got a cat on it! I keep forgetting to change the days though. I really want a LED decor somewhere in my room!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Ah your calendar sounds right up my street! x

  5. Wow I didn't realise New Look do all this! Love the block Calendar xx


  6. I really like the homeware available at New Look. I wish I had my own house to fill with it :) I'm lovin' the little heart lantern. it's very cute. We also say 'big light' in Lancashire haha :D

  7. I love all of these! Im saving for a mortage (still got one year to go) but I keep looking at home stuff thinking 'I want that and that and that'. I'll need a mansion to fit it all in xox