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Saturday, 2 January 2016

What 2015 Taught Me

Toodle-oo MF. What a strange old year you've been and to be honest, I'm quite glad to see the back of you. 2015 wasn't without it's valuable lessons though. Here's what it taught me.

It's so important to put your health 1st

I used to be the kind of person that phased out ill-health, just ignoring things and trying to get on with life regardless of how I was feeling. In the end it all caught up with me and it did not do the mind or the body good, let me tell you. Physically I was a wreck and mentally I was worse. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT. We all are. Let's look after ourselves properly in 2016.

I just do not suit fake tan

You may have noticed from my pictures here and on Instagram that my skin is a lovely shade of Scottish blue. I am the rarest of steaks/give Snow White a run for her money etc. On the rare occasion that the fear doesn't take over and ruin my nights out, I do reach for the fake tan so I can bare my legs without people getting concerned that I am in fact dead. Looking back at photos over the year though I've realised that St Tropez makes me look orange and St Moriz just makes me look dirty. Don't get me wrong, I might still dabble with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Gradual Tan for a hint of colour but all in all I think I have to throw in the orange-streaked, biscuity smelling towel.

People are flaky

I am a very flaky person in that I often worry myself into cancelling plans and staying at home. There are many variations of being flaky and one other version of flakiness I learnt this year was that sometimes, the friends you think will be there to support you through hard times won't be, and vice versa. Just have to keep in mind it says more about them than you, and keep going.

It is good to feel your feelings

Feel your feels. Cry and binge eat if you need to. Allow yourself to get excited about little things that might not matter to anyone else but yourself. This year I did a lot of phasing my feelings out and ended up a numb old robot (what) and it didn't do me any good at all. It is alright to speak up and be heard! 

I'll never be able to walk in heels

Even if I go for the thickest heels I can find I will most definitely walk like Bambi. This year I have had blisters that have taken months to heal and I've had a most unfortunate pinky-toe pop out (these toes ain't loyal) right outside of a busy Starbucks where I had to draft in one of the managers at my work (one that 90% of the female -and a great deal of the male- workforce have a fancy for) to poke my toe back into my shoe for me. Form a queue ladies and gentlemen.

What did 2015 teach you?

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  1. Loved this post you have a great writing style :) and LOL at these toes ain't loyal!!!! I personally like to sing these hoes ain't Laura! Haha
    Laura x

    1. Thank you!! Also HAHA! I love that. Fit my name into songs whenever possible tbh hahah xx

  2. Haha, loved this! Fan tan doesn't suit me too. And health is the most important thing in life along side happiness :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. We're just gonna have to rock the pale skin :)

  3. I really feel you with the Scottish skin! I've never dabbled in fake tan, I'm too scared to! It really is so important to put your health first, I found last year that I was pushing myself too hard and even though I've stopped as much now, I'm still feeling the impact of doing it. I don't mean to self promo but I also wrote a post about what 2015 taught me :) I'll paste it instead of my simple url in case you want to have a read :)

    1. You're very right, just end up totally burnt out for it. I do want to have a read so that is fine :)

  4. Loved this post! One thing that 2015 taught me was the health thing too. I just wasn't taking care of myself but towards the end of the year I really sorted myself out. Hopefully we both keep it up this year xo

    1. Good for you! Hopefully I can follow your lead xx

  5. Love this idea. Focusing on what you learned. I might do this too! Also, I LOVE the look of you blog now. (sorry if it's not new... I must just not have noticed it!) It looks so professional!