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Thursday, 4 February 2016

52 Week Saving Challenge Update - Week 5

You smell like Up-Dog. Yes. I hope you're all well. I've had a bit of a quiet week on here because sometimes life deals you sweet breaks like getting to spend the weekend in a lodge with a hot tub but also because life sometimes kicks you in and makes you feel a bit pants. 

As you might remember, a few weeks ago I published this post where I talked about the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge and how I was going to adapt it to suit me and give it a bash. 

I know a few of you were interested in doing this also so I thought that I'd give you all an update every few weeks to let you know how I'm getting on, and if you are taking part too to let me know how you're finding it. 

If you didn't catch my previous post on it you should maybe go check that out now to see how I've adapted the rules to suit my lifestyle a bit better. 

So as of today (five weeks into the year) I've saved a total of £92 which is an average of £18.40 per week. I've managed this by reviewing my bank balance (which I'm finding very weird, I'm usually team "ignore your bank balance and hope for the best"), thinking about what I have left to pay before my next wage comes in and then picking an amount that suits me best. 

I started with the highest amount of £52 just to get that out of the way. The other amounts so far have been:
  • £20 which I put away when I decided against a take away one night as I would have spent roughly this much. Yes I am an inspiration thank you so much
  • £10 & £9 for a couple of weeks because I didn't buy any food at work and had this spare to put away
  • £1 because I wanted to round the £9 up because odd numbers bug me
Rather than using cash and a savings jar I've opted to transfer the money from my main bank account into an older one I don't use as much anymore. I think that if the money was within reach I'd definitely end up dipping in to it for day to day spending. 

Instead of using a print out I've been keeping tabs with a Google Docs spreadsheet (mainly so I can play about with fonts - love a good font) however one thing I'm struggling with is remembering to sit down every week and actually save. Think I'm going to set a reminder in my phone so that every Friday night I take ten minutes just to sit down and make the transfer and update my spreadsheet. 

Are any of you giving this a try? Or any other savings challenge? How are you getting on? I still haven't decided what I'm going to use the end amount for. What would you spend £1,378 on?
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  1. I done this last year and started backwards, so that by the time it got to the end of the year it would only be a few £££ per week to put away and I could still focus the majority of my money on Christmas! Well I ended up not making it that far, I did manage to save around £600 which I still thought was great! Good luck to you with the rest of the saving! Make sure to treat yourself to something nice at the end of the year with all the money you've saved!

  2. Ooh! This is a great idea, I wish I'd actually started this.. or could afford to do this, you're doing really well so far though :) I think if I did it, I'd probably spend the money on a long haul holiday. Or Italy or Iceland...

  3. So far I'm at £22 as I started at the lower end, but hoping to do some of the higher numbers soon! Tania xx