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Friday, 12 February 2016

9 Low Key Valentine's Day Plans

Good day friends. Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is happening. I'm not a big V-Day girl. I can't keep flowers alive and my chocolate of choice is Galaxy which my boyfriend keeps topped up in our home at all times - I'd like to say out of love but it's definitely to stop lack of chocolate hangriness. 

Fancy restaurants aren't really my scene as I'm much too awkward a person and I much prefer a night in than a night out.

I'm gonna share with you all 9 Valentine's Day ideas which you can use as an alternative. These ideas are always good for if funds are low/schedules allow for limited time/you get the fear like I do.

1. BOX SETS. BOX SETS EVERYWHERE. Start a new one. Maybe even one you would usually overlook. We've recently watched The Killing on the recommendation of a friend and shiiiit that was emotionally magnificent. We've now moved on to Breaking Bad (because we are so 2008). Stop only to wee/eat. Or seeing as it's Valentine's Day I suppose a cuddle or two would be fine too. Or if it's one of those special grown up cuddles - MAKE WISE CHOICES. All I'm saying. I don't want the blame for that.

2. Valentine's your family. Let's all pretend that makes sense. As much as I like having flowers in the house, like I said, I'm a massive flower murderer. Pretty notorious actually. I'm thinking this year I'm gonna drag my boyfriend with me on a quick visit to see my wee gran, my mum and my gran & grandad to deliver a little bunch of V-Day flowers. The more Valentine's the merrier.

3. Plan a day of nothing. Sweet F-A. Ban all chores and any other grown up responsibilities you can think of. (within reason. Like feed your pets and stuff. Jeez.) Just enjoy time for once and don't allow yourself to feel guilty thinking you should be doing the hoovering or something else equally as boring. Just chill with each other. Talk, laugh, play. Do whatever you want as long as it's fun. We spend so much of our lives organising and tidying and pretending we have our shit together. Let's just not do that for one day.

4. Get the horror movies out. Nothing screams romance like having to get your boyfriend to chum you for a wee because you're too scared to go alone. Although I'm a nervous pee-er so I make him stand outside. Legit I'm 27. I get so into horrors that I jump and spill my drink all over me/scare the cats away and stuff like that. Goooood times. A good horror movie game is to find the scariest one possible (for me that'd be a paranormal/demon one) and then follow it up with the cheesiest looking one you can find - that way the horror movie come down is gradually done and you don't have to cheat and put cartoons on before bed just to settle your nerves. Alright who am I kidding, I just love to watch The Powerpuff Girls. But cheesy horror movies are amazing.

5. If horror movies aren't your thing, get the old favourites out. Each pick a favourite movie and on this very special night the other one isn't allowed to veto it. Beware though, this might mean you have to sit through Transformers or something. (Haters don't @ me)

6. Ban technology for a day. I felt guilty even typing that, ly phone ly laptop<3 I've taken this idea from my friend - she and her husband used to have one night a week that was technology free which forced them to, you know, communicate and stuff. Without emojis. Board games, books, even getting crafty (how many of you thought I was gonna say "getting jiggy" ahahaha no? Alright.) I don't love the quiet so I'd probably allow the radio or something but I really like the idea of this. Whether I could manage it...I don't know. 

7. Breakfast in bed. This is a good one for if one of you has to work, or if you don't have a lot of time to spend together that day. Set the alarm a little early and jump back into bed for a while with a good breakfast. What a way to set up the day - and it's a way that you can still fit a V-Day meal in on a tight schedule.

8. Plant a tree. For real. My boyfriend has been growing little bonsai trees so I think it'd be cool to plant one on Valentine's Day and see how it does. You could also do this in your garden. How sweet would it be to see it grow up?! Or, in my case with the harsh reality of my plant/flower murdering criminal record, watch it shrivel up and die and have to throw it in the brown recycling bin like I never loved it at all. 

9. Donate the money instead. Take the money you'd spend on flowers, cards, chocolates, dinner and gifts or whatever and hand it over to a charity that means a little something to you. That way you've still marked the occasion, you aren't having to deal with any present buying worries and you can sleep like a baby at night knowing that your money is helping others rather than going to the big card companies. 

Ta-dah! Easy peasy. What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? Do you have any other ideas for a low key day that I might have missed? Do you celebrate or phase it out completely?
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  1. These are great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day! I personally do not celebrate it, but sometimes I have a nice girls night out or watch a good movie with a lot of popcorn, haha :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. I'm a painfully awkward person too - so high five for that aha!

    I'm surprising Ed with a indoor picnic this valentines day, as we don't have much money and I think it will be a nice thing to do as we've just moved in our new house.

    I will definitely be putting on a boxset too, we've just started Lost as neither of us watched it back in 2005. I'm also going to put a ban on technology for the day too, well except for the T.V because as I mentioned, box sets haha.

    Great post & some really lovely ideas :) xx

  3. These are great ideas! I love the ones, especially, where the goal is to just spend time together - get rid of the chores and the social media. Just spend your day together. And I love the charity idea :)

    Obviously it works better for people who don't live together or who don't get the opportunity to spend many meals together, but I always thought that setting a budget, deciding on a dinner idea, and making it together (and eating it) was such a cute idea! Maybe I got it out of a Seventeen magazine... ;)

    I plan on wasting three hours of my Valentines Day at work (3 hours??? Is this a real shift? Is this real life? It's certainly not worth my time), and then... You know... Nothing, haha. Maybe I'll watch a movie by myself ;)


  4. I love your ideas! I'm such a stay at home person so these are things right up my alley. I love the idea of taking Valentine's around to your family, it's a sweet way to celebrate! My husband and I just started Dexter so we'll probably be marathoning that over the weekend. So sweet hahaha. Have a great Valentine's day and an excellent weekend gorgeous gal! XO -Kim

  5. The Valentine's your family idea is probably my favorite one from here! Sometimes I forget the vday isn't just for your romantic lover but for all the people you love!