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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

George Home Accessories Under £10

So it happened again - I accidentally fell over and bought some things for the house on the way down. In my defence however, it was only three things and they were all under £10. (Although let's not pretend that my boyfriend didn't drag me away from the home section before it got out of control - hey George/Asda you guys are killing it in the ol' homeware dept. right now!)

I bought the light shade because it goes with my home perfectly - all my doors are white, some have glass and they all have silver handles so this will fit in well. It has a funny little fitting which I think would go either in a ceiling light or on a lamp so yeah, the world is my oyster with this bad boy.

The clock will go on a shelf in the hall. I keep mentioning this shelf but the reality is I'm still building myself up to the Ikea trip that involves actually purchasing the shelf I have in mind. Ikea to me is like the shopping mall/jungle scene in Mean Girls - I have to clutch on to the thought of reward meatballs just to get me through the experience.

Me in action, pre meatballs
The jar I'll use either for keeping fresh flowers in (hurry up daffodils!) or I might use it as my Happy Thoughts jar like the one in this post. 

I tried to link up this post but for some reason I can't find any of these items on the website which is a lil strange seeing as I just bought them last weekend when I was stocking up on groceries for my stay at Piperdam lodges - I actually find this is quite common and see lots of stuff in store that I haven't noticed online before. Spoopy.

What do you think of the Asda/George homeware range? Is there anywhere else out there killing it in the home department recently that I should check out? What would you do with the jar? 
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  1. I think Asda/George have some amazing homeware, I need to start going there more often and picking bits up!! The jar is so cute, I love simple decor like jars, I think using it as a happy thoughts jar is the best idea ever, and something I want to start doing!! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I think I am gonna go with that option, love the idea of sitting down with it at the end of the year to celebrate the good times of 2016 :) xxx

  2. Hahahaha I'm laughing so hard at your Ikea/Mean Girls reference LOL. I love the little lamp cover, it is gorgeous. I also love that you're buying things for your future shelf, amazing! Hope you are having a great day girl! XO -Kim

    1. LOL. The place is terrifying haha! Thank you lovely xx

  3. hahaha, reading about the shelf for your hallway made me laugh! I have also been buying things for the currently imaginary shelves in my bedroom :D I will eventually go and buy the shelves!

    I love the homeware available at ASDA & I would use this jar to make fancy drinks and take photos for instagram :D