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Sunday, 7 February 2016

My Stay at Piperdam Golf & Leisure Resort

If you read my 2016 Goals post back in January you'll remember that I made a promise to myself that I'd see more of Scotland. Trip 1 - done! Last weekend my partner in crime & I packed our bags and set off for a long weekend at Piperdam Golf & Leisure Resort to celebrate his recent promotion. 

We stayed in the Muirloch Executive Lodge.

The 4 star Muirloch lodges are of a superb standard and come fully equipped for your vacation needs. The accommodation sleeps 2 and consists of an open plan lounge with kitchen dining area, 1 large bedroom with double bed and ensuite, a sauna and outdoor hot tub.
Muirloch lodges are equipped with their own balcony; colour TV & DVD player; kitchen including cookers, fridge, microwave, washing machine/dryer and dishwasher; bathroom and en-suite shower room; bed linen and duvets; central heating. The bed is made up for your arrival.
The Muirloch Lodges have been set up with your comfort in mind - and also come with their own outside Hot-Tub & Sauna for your relaxation.

Friday - We arrived pretty late and totally unprepared as we came straight from work, so it was a case of dumping our bags and heading out to find a shop to stock up on food. When we got back we had a quick munch before jumping in the hot tub and then going to sleep in THE COMFIEST BED I HAVE EVER SLEPT IN. EVER. I know I can be dramatic but there is no lie here. The lodge was really clean which is the main thing I look for when I'm staying anywhere so I was very pleased with this. 

Saturday - We decided to give one of the Go Active activities a try and got our archery on. Can't say I was giving Robin Hood a run for his money but we had a lot of fun and I even won one of the challenges (fair enough I was only up against my boyfriend) (that's what she said). I would definitely recommend it if you ever visit here. 

This was my favourite day out of the weekend as when I woke up the place was covered in snow and it looked like a dream. I'm usually the first to moan about snow because I can't drive in it but I didn't have to worry about that and it's the first time in years I've been excited to see it! Sitting in the hot tub as the snow was falling is my idea of total relaxation and I'm getting severely jealous of past me as I'm writing this up. Hot tubs are always a highlight for me anyway, but the snow just made it. 

In the evening we made our way to the Room With A View restaurant within the grounds for dinner & drinks and although it was so busy that our meals took quite a while to come, everything just tasted so fresh it was hard to care. Or maybe the Peach Bellinis made it hard to care. They certainly helped me feel less of the cold on the 15 min walk back to our lodge. 

Sunday - we decided this would be our day for Netflix and chill. And by Netflix and chill I mean random horror dvd's we found in Asda and hot tub/sauna/stuffing our faces. Bliss. We finally managed to get the fire working too (instructions for those of us without fires in our home wouldn't go a miss btw Piperdam) so we were cosy as ish. 

On Monday we had a tidy round and a last minute sauna before checking out for 10am. 

Highlights of the trip - snow hot tub / private sauna / archery / the views of Piperdam loch / the comfy bed / the baked macaroni cheese<3

As much as we had an awesome time there are a few points that I want to mention just in case any of you ever visit. As much as it is a self-catering lodge, I'd usually expect more to be provided for the price I paid. I found it weird that for a 4 star lodge there was no welcome/information pack, very limited kitchen supplies and even basics such as salt & pepper, scissors & washing up liquid/sponges weren't provided. There were no towels or hair dryer, only one toilet roll and the only bathroom supply provided was a little bar of soap. I'd noticed quite a few reviews on Trip Advisor with lots of unhappy people but can't say these little details ruined our trip, it just isn't what I'd usually expect for the money/4 star rating! However I find it's usually the little details that make all the difference and that confirm to me I've paid the right money. Parts of the lodge were a little tired/worn too but not to the point of fussing. 

Would I stay here again? Yes. 
Would I pay the same price that I did this time around? No. If I was going back I'd wait until there was a drop in prices which I guess depends on the season. We paid £390 for a 3 night stay. Costs on top of this included £30 for archery for two people, the bill for the meal out and then the grocery shop for food and kitchen/travel supplies for the weekend.

  • be prepared to not be able to contact home. There isn't any wifi in the lodges and I couldn't get a phone signal at all. With me being the nervous wreck that I am I had to make a few car drives into the town so that I could call my sister (who was living in my house and cat sitting for the weekend) to make sure all was fine. 
  • Take flip flops for getting to and from the hot tub. 
  • Have a quick google search of the area prior to going so you know where the local amenities are.
  • Book activities and a table at the restaurant in advance as they were really busy! I think that's always a good sign though. 
  • Take some DVD's as there aren't any provided and the freeview signal throws a BF every now and then.

Have you ever visited the Piperdam lodges? Is there anywhere else in Scotland/the UK that you'd recommend? I'd love to hear your suggestions, or for you to leave links to any Scottish/UK travel posts you've done!  
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  1. It sounds like you had a really great time! I love being in a hot tube while it's snowing, such a magical experience! And I would love to try out archery, I am sure I would be so bad at it through, haha.
    And I really do not like when hotels, rooms or whatever places you are staying in don't have the essential things like salt, pepper, dish wash and things like these. Especially if you are in the other country or staying for few days only. What am I supposed to do? Buy a full big bottle of dish wash just for two washes? It's not that it an end of the world, but you would think this kind of things should be included for the price I am paying :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I was sure I was gonna be terrible at archery and tbh, I wasn't great, but I did much better than I'd anticipated! I'd definitely recommend giving it a try if you ever get the chance.

      I know right? We ended up just going to Asda and buying the cheapest washing up liquid etc that we could find. x

  2. This looks so cute! I love that you're kind of killing it with your goals! I am SO jealous you got to try archery! I wish there were some cool hotel/lodges around me!

    There weren't towels??? That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard...

    1. I can't stop looking for other places to visit, forgetting the whole getting holidays from work thing...oh and the money thing too haha.

      I know!!! They do have a big reception area where you can pay extra for towels...from reading the Trip Advisor reviews a lot of people are saying they ended up having to spend tens to hundreds more than anticipated cause almost everything was "for an additional cost".

      Think we were lucky cause we were in the smallest lodge so it meant we didn't have to pay extra for heating/electricity etc.

      Was still a really good weekend though :)

  3. Christie, I love how you did this post. First of all, that lodge looks super duper gorgeous and I wish I lived in Scotland so I could go right now! But I also love how informative you were and that you gave tips! I often think after a first trip that if I ever go back I'd be more prepared and I love that you passed on that information in your blog, it can be so useful to people who do intend to go. I also love how detailed you were and what the pros and cons were. It looks amazing and I'm glad you had a great time, despite some of the stranger things about the lodge! Also, hot tubs are always a huge plus in my book! Hope you are having a wonderful week gorgeous! XO -Kim

  4. This place looks incredible! My mum and I just had a browse of their website and it looks amazing. If I'm ever in Scotland...

  5. Great post! This place looks gorgeous & so cosy :) I think it's a little ridiculous that it was 4 star and didn't even provide towels or washing up liquid though!

    Glad you had a lovely time :) Your snowy hot tub experience sounds awesome. I've still never been in a hot tub before!

  6. Eek we've actually stayed here! I think one of my earliest posts was on this actually! The no wifi and signal nearly killed me but beautiful surroundings!

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