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Monday, 28 March 2016

Weekly Round Up #2

Highlights of my week

bon bon sours cocktail glasgow
Bon Bon Sours <3
We Escaped! If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that for my boyfriend's birthday I booked us in to try a real life Escape game. I loved the idea of doing something a little different and it did not disappoint. I'll probably do a post dedicated entirely to this adventure but in the meantime I'd definitely recommend checking this out. 

Cocktails & TGI's. Awww yissss. Do you have a month in the year that just happens to have like...5000 of your closest friends & relatives birthdays in it? Well, for me that is March. Goodbye pennies. However, this did mean that my partner in crime & I got to spend the day in Glasgow, Escaping and sipping on cocktails in random pubs before meeting up with my sister & her girlfriend at TGI's to celebrate her birthday with food and even more cocktails. Not too shabby for Rachel!

The long weekend. Now this is a story all about how...a little girl grew up to work in mortgages and the best days in her life were her days off. Late nights, fruity alcohol, box sets, family time, jammies all day & kitty cuddles aplenty. 

This week I've been...
adidas superstar his and hers

Watching: the second season of Daredevil and have now started The Walking Dead for the first time. "What is it with you and zombies?!" my boyfriend asked me. I don't know. Didn't realise zombies & I had a lil' thing going on until now. We also watched What If which was a pretty decent find!
Drinking: Bon Bon Sours and Bubblegum Daiquiris. Sometimes you just have to love yourself. 
Wearing: My Adidas Superstar trainers with absolutely everything. Comfiness is next to godliness. 

This week on (ICYMI)

A rather good week if I do say so myself. What about your week?
Have any of you guys watched Daredevil, The Walking Dead or What If? What did you think?
Have you ever tried one of the live Escape games/anything similar, or would you ever?
And finally - fashion advice please! What is your go-to footwear? I love my Adidas trainers but want something a bit dressier (but still comfy), and that go with loads of different outfits - help a girl out! Legit I suck at dressing myself. 


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  2. Happy Easter :) You had a great week by the sounds of it. The escape game sounds awesome. Yay for escaping! :D I'm looking forward to reading all about it :) I need to add Daredevil to my watchlist, I've seen so many people chatting about it now. Mmmm bon bon sours sounds like something I'd love! haha I too have eaten so many mini eggs! I kept buying a packet to use for my Easter nest cakes and I ate them several times so I had to go and get another packet! XD they are soooo yummy.

    1. Aw it was good fun! Was para we wouldn't escape! Tbh I never watched the first season of Daredevil but I didn't really have a choice this time around as my boyfriend would just put it on anyway haha x

  3. The escape games sound really interesting and something I should give a go. I'm way behind on walking dead but totally hooked, spent Sunday watching back to back episodes (day well spent). Footwear wise I'd suggest Dr Martens as they are my favourite and so easy to style. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Definitely give it a go if you can! I wonder how long I can make it without stumbling on a spoiler. I've never actually had a pair of Dr Martens although I do like the look of the little ones! xx

  4. Sounds like you had a great week! And I absolutely love escape rooms. I've been to two so far and I can not explain for fun and interesting they are for me. It surely takes a lot fo thinking and logic to escape them. The first one I went to with my friends surprised us a lot as there was a hidden basement, so we felt like in one of those PLL episodes, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Hahah amazing PLL! I didn't even think about that when I was in there but your experience definitely sounds similar haha!

  5. OH! I hope you do make a post about the Escape room! They always sound so interesting :) Of course, there is nothing like that around me. Of course. I've not seen any of those shows, either! I've heard good things about The Walking Dead, so I may still try that. But Daredevil is definitely not my thing. I can't even find anything about What If that isn't the Daniel Radcliffe movie, haha :)

    I can't be much help for the shoes thing. My go-to is Converse All Stars, they are very comfortable, but no more or less fashion-forward than Adidas. Actually, Adidas may have a leg up on Converse lately!


    1. Tbh I didn't think Daredevil would be my thing either - I didn't watch it through choice but it turned out much better than I expected!

      Can't beat a pair of converse though can you :) x

  6. Omg sounds like you had a fab week!! I'm so intrigued by that Escape room honestly sounds like so much fun, yes please do a post dedicated to that honestly it would be so interesting to read! I also love bubblegum daiquiris (I really want to go out for cocktails now), and my Adidas Superstars are one of my loves.. They are so gorg!! I love The Walking Dead it's one of my faves, it just gets better and better! I loved the first season of DareDevil and recently watched the first episode of season two but couldn't get into it all.. However I will stick at it! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Ah I will, definitely give it a try if one pops up near by you! Ugh ikr, kinda jealous of past me, wishing I had a cocktail right now.

      I am totally hooked on TWD now - finished series 1 tonight and coulda kept watching. Goodbye life! xx

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  8. I like this post! what an original idea! as for foot wear--my go to foot wear are my black leather lace up booties. they are leather, and slightly reminds one of combat boots, so that they have that bit of dressy edge, yet they still have laces, and are flat soles, so they are very comfortable and sturdy.
    so yah, leather lace up booties. ;)

  9. Love this post, those cocktails look divine! I hope you had a fab birthday lovely <3