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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Recent Primark Homeware Finds

Well, spring has sprung. Kind of. Snow aside, I took myself on a little shopping trip to update my winter wardrobe and accidentally found myself knee deep in Primark Homeware. I shared a few pics of my updated living room in this blog post as well as on Instagram, so if you haven't already, you should go have a lil' nosey soon. 

I can remember a time when I'd be reluctant to purchase homey items from Primark in fear that they wouldn't last but over the last year or so I've tried a few things - from cute pastel bedding to bath mats and ornaments and never once have I regretted it. Congrats on nailing it, Primark. 

Well aren't these cute. I really must thank you guys for your help in my previous home post for your suggestions on what to do with the blank bit of wall beside my new chair. I think I'm going to opt for a tiny photo collage. Nothing too OTT - I'll put these little cuties up and am on the hunt for a print with geometric shapes in it. I've also ordered a print with a little splash of colour in from Etsy so keep your peepers peeled for that.

Light em up up up. Who doesn't love a candle or two? Me. They give me the fear. I'm such a scaredy cat, honestly when I light a candle it lasts for all of five minutes before I'm like RIGHT that is quite enough. I think it has something to do with the fact that both grumpy cat and baby cat dgaf what their tails get up to behind their backs and quite often knock things over on their travels. Yup, we'll go with the cat thing rather than me just being a nervous wreck 24/7.

I had these candles in my basket before I even realised what I was doing, scared or not I thought the black and white would go perfect with my decor!

Lol did you really think I was gonna make it all the way through a home post without having some sort of animal involved?! Who do you take me for?! 

How handsome is this fella? I actually have nowhere for him yet and think he's going to end up on the shelves in my hallway but I couldn't leave that little face in the shop. That would just be pure badness and tbh that is not how my mother raised me.

(Side note: that is indeed a crack in one of his antlers however this was not down to the menacing tails of my kitties, this time it was the menacing clumsiness of my other half!)

What do you think?

I wish the patterns on the candles were available in prints that I could frame for my wall. I think my task for tomorrow is to rake around on Etsy and see what I can find there. 
I actually can't wait for my new print to arrive - this print does have an animal on it, can you guess what kind of animal it might be? Let me give you a clue - you will not be surprised. 

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  1. I absolutely love everything you've bought, especially the wall art! I can't believe they're from Primark - definitely need to go and have a look in there soon xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. I know! So cute. They have quite a lot of nice stuff in just now. :) xx

  2. I am literally laughing out loud at your reasoning for being scared of candles! Your cats are too funny, wreaking havoc with their tails! I'm loving your style and also the candle in a mug is so cute! Hope you're having a great week gorgeous! XO -Kim

  3. All of these look so adorable! Those frames/prints will look very lovely on your wall and I love this handsome fella!! It is so cute :) Also, can't wait to see your other print!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. I totally agree about Primark's homeware, it's a massive struggle to not come home with the entire range. I don't like to leave candles unattended and I don't have a pet to blame. I'm thinking a fox on your print, that or a deer. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. Ahh literally want everything!
    Jabeen x

  6. Well I can understand the candle fear. Cats are unpredictable hehehe! I wish I had a fear of candles, I happen to forget I've lit them. I also have them lit up for longer than the "recommended" amount you're supposed to. And since I'm laying it all bare here I have left home with a candle burning too!


  7. Aw, so many cute things! That deer is adorable! And so are the candles! I don't know if this is normal, but in my house candles are used as decoration (and when the power goes out), not for light. You could totally get away with just having them and not lighting them ;) I love your living room, haha!