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Friday, 8 July 2016

10 Bullet Journal Prompts

What's a Bullet Journal I hear you say? Lol jokes. Thought I'd round up a few ideas for those of you who want to start one or are just looking for a little inspiration.
bullet journal ideas prompts moany mouse

1. Food diary. Especially good if you are looking for particular trends like triggers for migraines or mental health dips. 

2. Self care reminders. Gotta look after number one. And whilst we're on the subject, I'd definitely recommend that you check out this 30 Day Self Care Challenge by Tara @ Cattitude & Co - one of my favourite blog posts of late.

3.  Keep in touch reminders. Sometimes I get so occupied trying to keep my head above water that I forget to check in with my friends - not good!

4. Water intake tracker. Glug glug. 

5. Money spending manager. Track your budget for lunches, transport, treats etc.

6. Your daily/weekly/monthly achievements. 

7. Vitamin and medication check. You can tie this in with your daily planner. 

8. Reading goals tracker. I read a lot in the winter (bath season) but don't do so well in the warmer months! 

9. Time of the month tracker. I have an app on my phone but it's good to have a note in my daily planner too. Also good to expand and keep a note of symptoms, cramp triggers etc.

10. Data usage tracker. We all love scrolling through Tumblr but not when it costs five grand a page.

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How are you all getting on with your bullet journals?
I'd love to have a peek, or for you to share some of your ideas with me!
Feel free to leave a link to any of your bullet journal posts in the comments.

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  1. This is perfect! I've been thinking of starting one for a while just to keep everything in one place and have been writing a list of all the things I want to include. Some great ideas here that I'll definitely be borrowing! :) xx

  2. An 'Outfit Planner' would be useful to some. I organise my clothes (including jewellery and hair accessories) a week in advance - much easier when getting ready in the morning!

    I also like your suggestions, some of which I already do.

    Tasmin ox

  3. I honestly need all of these! I'm trying to get better and drinking more water and keep in touch reminders is such a great idea! Have a great weekend Christie! XO -Kim

  4. My journal and planner has been empty the past days! Thanks for the list! I can now write something on it. Nice, tho! :D


  5. I feel like everyone and their grandmother knows that bullet journal is now, haha. These are great ideas. I don't have a bullet journal myself but I'm thinking about starting one :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  6. I started my bullet journal on sunday and this is so so useful ! Thank you so much I love these ideas especially tracking food for dips in mental health and spending :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  7. Love some of these ideas - especially the data usage one! :) Tania xx

  8. UGH I wish I was artistic enough for a bullet journal...

  9. Great post! Thank you for sharing mine :) xo