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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Guest Post by Zara Lewis

9 Lifestyle Decisions that Will Make You Happy 

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Set clear goals 
As soon as the choice is made, setting clear goals is the next step. Decide on what your top priorities are, and stick to them fiercely. Make sure that all the goals you set are realistic, attainable, and specific, and always trust your intuition when it comes to achieving them.  

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Be passionate 
Without passion in your life, you are definitely predestined for failure. Even the tiniest bit of it can help you survive the toughest moments, so make sure that you are constantly reminded of how much you love what you do. Be curious, seek answers, and you will always be happy whatever you do.  

Fake it ‘till you make it 
Your feelings always follow your actions, so start acting cheery whenever you feel low. The rule is: fake it ‘till you make it! This method is undoubtedly very effective, so the next time you feel angry at someone just do something nice for that person, and you will immediately feel happier. 

Exercise to boost energy 
Even a 15-minute walk can boost your energy, so make sure not to skip it. Your level of physical activity has a huge effect on your overall well-being – both physical and mental, which may be exactly what you need after a stressful day at work. 

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Redecorate your home 
Start with your walls and use some mood boosting colours on them. Green and yellow are the perfect choice. Then add details such as photo frames, graphic posters, vases with fresh flowers, and voila – your new home d├ęcor will take your happiness to a whole new level! 

Stop nagging 
Nagging creates unnecessary pressure in your home, which makes everyone anxious and nervous. It also makes you feel bad, and even angry, which is bad for your emotional health. So, stop nagging and you will feel much better! 

Treat yourself with respect 
Treat yourself like a queen and you will feel like one! Seriously, you only have one body, so treat it with respect until it’s too late. If undergoing cosmetic surgery has always been your wish – make it come true, no matter what people say. The same goes for everything else you want to do.  

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Quit unhealthy habits 
Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, overeating, or not controlling stress can significantly shorten your life, so make sure you avoid them completely. Self-control is crucial here. Once you realise what is bad for you, it will be much easier to remove it from your life. 

Establish ‘me’ time and stick to it 
This is essential if you want to maintain your mental health, so make sure that there is always time for your small rituals - like drinking coffee in the morning. Even though this may seem selfish, it is actually very rewarding. If you are not able to help yourself, you won’t be able to help others! 

Improving your lifestyle and living a happy life won’t come out of the blue – you will have to work hard and be persistent in order to achieve that. However, one thing is certain – once you are happy, everything else will be much better, too, so make sure that our happiness is your top priority! 

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  1. I love these little tips! They do make a big change in your lifestyle, especially quiting unhealthy habits or setting goals :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me