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Friday, 12 August 2016

Doing Things For Me

So my head has been a little messy recently. "What's new?" I hear you say...let me tell you! I decided to put me first. Invest in some me-time...prioritise me-time, in fact. How am I supposed to be the best me if I don't invest any time in me?

Have I said "me" enough?

Here's what I've been doing for...myself recently.

putting yourself first

Getting outside

I am not outdoorsy at all. I am the jumpiest person alive and spend half my time outside darting back and forward because I think I have a bug on me (and usually I do, they are such creeps for me). However, it's worth it in all it's embarrassing entirety for the benefits of getting fresh air and a little exercise. 

I especially love walking by the water. Or by PokeStops. 

Katie Ryan is my spirit animal. 


I'm a sporadic reader. I tend to read non-stop during bath season (yoohoo autumn/winter, I see you!) and then have a big ol' break during the warmer months. Craving a distraction, I ordered myself a couple of books I'd had my eye on for a while: Calm: calm the mind. Change the world. & milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. By boyfriend also kindly ordered me the 100 Day Happiness Planner after I read this post by Kate La Vie so I'll be making time for this too.

Calm has opened my mind to...erm...mindfulness and is a book I'll reach back for often to help with my wellbeing and stress levels. 

milk and honey gave me the good feels about my body, and the women around me. 

I contacted a friend and made plans

I am the king of staying at home in my own little safe-bubble and phasing out having a social life, so I reached out to my oldest friend and made dinner plans. Then I kept them. Then I made further plans to have a day out at Edinburgh festival, and kept those plans too. 

Making the effort made me feel a whole lot better.

Thinking about my priorities

Being aware of what makes me feel rubbish and the impact or change I can make to it (where possible).

Now I'm not claiming to have worked wonders here. I'd love to be able to quit my job and travel the world to make me feel wonderful alas I have a mortgage to pay and responsibilities I can't just abandon. 

There are smaller things I have been able to do though that have had a positive impact. Saying no to situations that would make me uncomfortable, distancing myself from people who have a negative impact.

At one point I found myself caring too much about what people at work thought about me, so I had a word with myself. What impact do these people actually have on my life?! Sweet F.A. I get to come home to my home that I love & my family that love me. I work to live yo.

Listening to music

This is something that can boost my mood immediately so I've been trying to get into the habit of switching on when possible. This might sound weird but for a little while I'd given up on music, not because I'm getting pure old and dad-ish "oh they don't make it like they used to", but because my taste in music is varied and I couldn't pull a decent playlist together to save myself. 

Then I got a digital radio. Hello KISSTORY. Hello random stations I've never heard of that play Fall Out Boy and other such bands from my teenage years. It's amazing how quickly you can go from thinking about having to do the stinkin' dishes again to wearing heavy black eyeshadow and liner, GLORY boob tubes and parting your hair so far to the side that your face is weighed down and your neck hurts. Alright so that didn't happen. But it was a close call. 

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What do you do to give yourself a little reset and put yourself first?

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  1. Okay, I seriously love everything about this post! I am constantly struggling between giving myself some me time and feeling guilty that I have, but like you said, how can I be anything to anyone until I've allowed myself some relaxation? I am so bad at being social, it's so easy for me just to go home, sit in my pjs and watch tv all night, but when I do go out I always have a good time and tell myself I should do it more. Definitely need to make more plans and try to keep it going! Loved this so much! Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady! XO -Kim

    1. I definitely get what you mean, I still have times when I'm having a breather but thinking about all the things I could be getting on with instead! Training myself to let these thoughts go. Thank you, you too xxx

  2. do you walk out Polkemmet Park? If not I highly recommend it, I love walking down by the burn, it's incredibly calming (plus you can get cake in the cafe)

    But I pretty much do all the things you mentioned especially reading and listening to music. I also love going to an art gallery, it's definitely my happy place (plus you can get tea and cake there ha ;))

    1. I was at Polkemmet Park when you posted this comment haha! I tend to rotate between there and Linlithgow, although prefer the calmness of Polkemmet. I've never actually been into the cafe! Must nip in the next time I'm up during the day. I've also never been to see the owls :o

      An art gallery is somewhere I've never been, any that you'd recommend? Cake an added bonus obv. ;)

    2. I love the Modern Art Gallery in Edinburgh there's actually 2 galleries there, across the road from each other, the main gallery on the mound is great too. Also Kelvingrove in Glasgow is brilliant, more a museum though but lots and lots of art there too. Scotland's actually pretty good for galleries. Or there's smaller ones like Fruitmarket particularly for contemporary.

    3. Thank you! I'm in Glasgow next Saturday so might visit Kelvingrove to start with. :)

  3. Yes my love..!! I always say we need to be so selfish, noone will look after us the way we can. Be your own best friend & treat yourself with love.

    Katie //

  4. Yay! Good for you for putting yourself first! It can definitely be hard, but it's totally worth it. I also go through periods of time where I just don't listen to music, there's just nothing that I feel like listening to, sometimes. Or I can't be bothered to put together a playlist of what I do want to listen to so just don't bother at all ;)

    I tend to indulge in Coke and chips and a movie on Friday nights, which helps me relax and have some alone time, and I've also been trying to get back into working out and going yoga and so on!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  5. This is such a lovely post! I think we all need to look after ourselves a little more, just as you have done here. It's so easy to get swept up in life and forget about a self-care and love, I actually really like doing things for just myself, it's incredibly relaxing!

    Musings & More

  6. Great post! :) I'm so happy that you are focusing on you and doing more things that make you happy! I need to start doing the same, get back to doing the hobbies that I used to love and do more things to make myself smile. I love your writing style! Your personality shrines through in all of your posts, and I always find myself giggling when I'm reading haha :) Also, thankyou for the book suggestions. I'm gonna check them out, especially the Happiness Planner. Please write all about it when you get it x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  7. That Happiness Planner looks adorable and I need it! I'm buying it right now.

    And girl, you do you! We all need to look out for ourselves more.

  8. This is amazing! It's so important to take time out for yourself. I need to get back to reading more. I've also reached out to a friend to catch up now we just have to make plans! I'm the type to just stay indoors too lol so I know how you feel! One thing I like to do is to go for walks! I release all the stress and literally think of nothing while I walk. I just listen to upbeat positive music!

    Jasmine :)