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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Introducing Cats: Cat Owners, I Need Your Help!

I got another cat. You may recall. I didn't actually seek out another cat, my boyfriend's sister has moved abroad and I'm too soft to say no. 

Why would I say no?! Well, I already have two cats and I was convinced that they wouldn't get along. Turns out I was right. So I'm here to ask for any help/advice/tips that you might be able to share with me. 

Before we get started and I fill you in with the details, let me introduce you to my three ANGELS. 

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Introducing cats

Cleo, male, 9. 
He really likes being noisy, bed time and chasing me around the house, which is terrifying because he's so huge. He's more like a border collie than a cat. 
Cleo really doesn't like closed doors. 
We adopted him from the Cats Protection after seeing his little advert - it said he was grumpy, nervous and had stomach problems and tbh wasn't really selling him so I got all paranoid that no one would want him and I had to have him. 
Turns out, he just needed some fussing. A bit like myself. What.

Introducing cats
Luna, female, 3. 
She likes licking like a puppy, clawing my sleeping face for attention and throwing herself on her back when I get home from work.
She hates iPhone chargers. In fact, it is her life mission to destroy every last one of them. 
We got Luna from my uncle after his cat had kittens, which is kinda cute because they know how she's getting on. 
She's the first lady cat I've ever owned and I am besotted.

Introducing cats

Rory, female, around 3-ish, we think.
Rory is our little newbie and she is hilarious. She likes standing up tall & sticking her claws into my thigh when she thinks I've forgotten she's there. She also likes screaming when I open the fridge.
She doesn't like Cleo and Luna. 
When we were faced with the option of taking her in I almost said no but the other option was that she was going off to a relative's that doesn't have a very good track record with animals. 
You woulda said yes in that situation too, right?

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I want to do everything possible to make sure that this is Rory's final forever home. I think we are now the third or fourth home she's had and it would break my heart for her to go through the stress of moving again. 

What we've tried 

(from research & advice from our vet)

Scent swapping & mixing: using blankets/toys/carriers/swapping rooms. This is the first thing we did.
Meal time meetings: opposite sides of the door but gradually getting closer. Then through a glass door so they can see each other. Then in the same space but far away from each other. This all happened over the space of a few weeks however we're back at the start now as we had a little hissy fit.
Site swapping
Positive reinforcement (gonna have to remortgage to keep us in Dreamies)
Feliway sprays and diffusers
Play distraction

Our findings

Rory is terrified of Cleo however Cleo couldn't care less that she exists. Luna is terrified of Rory and can make all sorts of snorting noises I didn't know she was capable of. 

Rory is a total chaser, so as soon as one of the other two tries to walk away it turns into The Fast and The Furious. She also thinks nothing of jumping down the stairs through the banister to try land on top of Luna. She honestly looked like Batman. 

Luna and Rory both want to hang out with me at all times because I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom but this can't happen because I have to keep them apart just now. 

We've had Rory now for two months and keep having to take everything right back to the start but I'm not willing to give up without feeling like I've done my best for them. 

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Do you have any advice for me?
I've been told a couple of "old school" things to do such as "put them together and let them work it out" kinda thing but NO THANK YOU. Pretty much everything I've read and every video I've watched advises against that (thank you Jackson Galaxy for keeping me right). 



  1. I loved learning about your cats :) they are gorgeous! It's so nice that you are trying your hardest to make sure you do everything you can to keep Rory and I wish I had some suggestions for you. I hope that your cats get along soon! Keep up all the hard work. Please keep us updated. I will ask some of my cat obsessed friends if they have any ideas :)

    PS- I love Jackson Galaxy :) x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  2. Awwww poor little buddies. My knowledge of cats is close to zero but I wish I had some breakthrough kernel of wisdom to share!

    Only thing I'd say is that it takes time... but I'm sure you know that. Good luck!