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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Six Good Things

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As I'm typing this, it's Sunday evening and I've just finished meal prep for work tomorrow. It's my first day back after two weeks off and I am pretty heartbroken about it! In the past two weeks the mornings and nights have gotten much darker and with me doing compressed shifts (12 hour days) I'm expecting to see very little sunlight until at least Thursday. 

This does mean that we're edging closer to Halloween though. I wonder if I can make it to October before I whip out Hocus Pocus...

1. Time off work

Being able to wake up naturally > getting woken up at 5:45am by a stinkin' alarm. When I'm off work I sleep healthier, exercise more and am generally in a happier state of mind. A whole different person. One day I'll be able to work from home for myself, I just need to figure out how. 

2. Horror movies

This was my Friday. Lights out, doors locked, curtains shut, thinking twice about going to pee alone. Horror movies are definitely my favourite kind but I'm finding it hard to find good ones that I haven't seen before so any recommendations are welcome! 

3. Girl time

Another bonus of being off work meant I was able to spend an evening in Glasgow with my two sisters & two cousins. We went to Steak and Cherry on Sauchiehall Street for dinner and cocktails and had planned to move on afterwards, however my little sister felt a bit fainty so we all jumped in a taxi and took her home, and spent the rest of the evening watching cartoons (she's an animator - cartoons galore in her flat) until our late train home. My heart felt a bit full afterwards. <3

4. Pokemon Go!

STILL. I find this game really therapeutic - it totally clears my mind of everything else going on and keeps my focus on something I enjoy. Plus, they've made the Pokemon even cuter than in the tv shows somehow?!?! I'm also loving the Trainer Tips YouTube channel, definitely check it out if you are playing the game and haven't already done so. Although be prepared for Pokemon envy. And food envy.

5. The Office box set

We all have a movie or show that is just a total comfort blanket don't we? For me it's The Office (US version). I picked it up a month or so ago from HMV for £30 however have just noticed it's down to £27 on Amazon! Michael Scott is my favourite character of all time. Followed closely by Prison Mike. The programme is golden. 

6. Games night

As you may have seen in this tweet, we exercised our rights as adults and moved the living room around to have a games night. And by games night I mean I forced gently encouraged my boyfriend to get involved in Sims 4. See - being an adult isn't all bills and trying to carry four shopping bags at once. 

>>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->   >>>---------------------->

How has your week been?

More specifically, I'm interested to know:
What's been your favourite catch in Pokemon Go?
If you play the Sims, what do you do to keep it from getting boring? I think I'm cheating too much and it's making me lose interest. 
And finally, what is your go to movie/tv programme to have on for a little comfort in the background?


  1. HA! Prison Mike is my favourite character, he's just got so much to offer ;) As for the rest of your week, it sounds like you were in heaven! Great things come from days away from work, that's for sure. There are a couple of movies I like to play to just play: Clueless, Wayne's World, Pirate Radio... I know them all so well I don't worry about missing details, but I still get a lot of enjoyment out of them ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Prison Mike has a special place in my heart haha. I think I'm gonna have to go watch Clueless again, I don't think I ever saw it the whole way through! :o

  2. My favorite Pokémon catches so far are my Vileplume, Mr. Mines and the super cute (but weak af) Jigglypuff ���� Yours?
    To be honest I've never played Sims before ��
    My go to happy series at the moment is Lucifer! I love it soooo much, but sadly only season 1 has been aired yet and of course that didn't last long.

    1. I don't have a Vileplume yet! I think mine are Pikachu, Vulpix & Meowth maybe? None of them are very high level but they're just so cool.
      I've heard so many good things about Lucifer, like three different people have recommended it to me and have told me it is right up my street but I just haven't gotten round to giving it a try yet!

  3. I loved this post! Sounds like you had such a nice time off, i think we should all work from home! Happy week ahead! XO-Kim

    1. Working from home would definitely suit me better! Thank you xx

  4. I love Pokémon Go too ;) I find it also therapeutic in a way! I love this list. I think its so good to take time to look at the great things you have going in your life :)

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed! I would love a follow back<3

    xo Nicole

    1. Looking forward to checking out your blog :)

  5. I don't play Pokemon Go but I used to play Sims. I cheated too much and got bored easily, so maybe try to not cheat, haha. Also, I love watching good old comedies or She's The Man when I need a little bit of comfort. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Oh She's The Man is a film I haven't seen in so long, hilarious! x

  6. I'm still loving Pokemon Go too, makes me walk for miles. I'm determined to get more Jigglypuffs! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  7. YASSS Pokemon Go is life, I'm still waiting to get my Meowth haha! xx

  8. 5:45... wow that's early!
    Aleeha xXx

  9. Time off work, girl time and pokemon go - I couldn't agree more!

    Lauren x |