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From time to time I work with sponsors and brands on collaborative posts and reviews. I only accept offers that fit within the theme of my blog and any posts of this nature will always be marked as such. Moany Mouse is my hobby and not my main source of income therefore I will respectfully decline offers outwith my interests and can guarantee an honest opinion.

If you want to work with me please contact:

I also use affiliate links within my posts to gain a small amount of comission when linking to products.

If you want to talk to me further about one of my posts please feel free to email me at the same address. Also, I regularly talk about my mental health journey - please don't substitute my thoughts for professional medical advice! I get all fainty when I go to the doctors, I am the exact opposite of a doctor.

If you are just a really nice person and want to be my pal you can email me at the same email address.